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Hot TV News: European privacy laws a Big Threat to Big Data; TV still top for in-home streaming; Multiple technologies needed for Gigabit Society

Mon, Nov 28, 2016 | by Andy Stout


The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation laws are due in 18 months and will shake up privacy around the globe; Connected TV use is on the rise; and Europe looks to establish the Gigabit Society within a decade.

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TV Leaders Summit 2015: Taking the TV World a Step Forward

Tue, Apr 28, 2015 | by Chem Assayag


It’s this time of the year and our annual TV Leaders summit is just a month away! This year's summit will take place in Cannes on May 28th-30th and will host market leaders to present and discuss the most buzzing, thought provoking and engaging issues that matter in today’s TV world.

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Hot TV News: “The Interview” Released and much more

Thu, Dec 25, 2014 | by Merav Cunningham


It's Christmas time, and binge watching was on the minds of both traditional and digital TV content producers, who each launched a campaign encouraging viewers to join online services. The real life Sony cyber attack drama produced more and more headlines: The FBI pointed the finger at Pyongyang, and North Korea's internet services shut down mysteriously.

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CEO Insight: The Future of Integrated Connected TV Sets

Wed, Jan 29, 2014 | by François Moreau de Saint-Martin


In the near future, TV sets are going to be connected to private and/or public IP networks. In fact, according to Informa Telecoms & Media forecasts, by the end of 2016, we will see more than 1.8 billion devices, ranging from TVs, STBs, game consoles, Blu-ray players, and media streaming boxes, “with inbuilt Internet connectivity in use in over 570 million homes.”

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Topics: Apple, Apple TV, chromecast, Connected TV, Digital TV, François Moreau de Saint Martin, François Moreau De St Martin, Industry, IPTV, Pay TV, set top box, User Experience, UX

Hot TV Industry News of the Week - Feb. 22 2013

Fri, Nov 15, 2013 | by Efrat Fenigson


There was a mix of interesting Connected TV news making its rounds this week. For this week’s “Hot Industry News,” we figured it would be best to feature the buzz that made us raise our eyebrows.

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Topics: OTT, Connected TV, HbbTV, Hybrid, hybrid TV, Industry, Over the Top, PayPal, PayTV, Smart TV, Sony, Viacom

Hot TV Industry News of the Week

Fri, Aug 23, 2013 | by Efrat Fenigson

Many interesting announcements took place in the TV industry this past week. For starters, there has been a huge growth in demand for OTT, multiscreen, and cloud TV in the Middle East and North Africa. Can you guess what triggered this demand? In other news, TiVo is going the TV Everywhere route with devices that can send videos from the DVR to a wireless tablet or smartphone. Might they be a little too late in the game? Last but not least, Korean provider KT Skylife is going to start offering 4K TV to its subscribers. You won’t believe how speedy their rollout plan is!

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Topics: OTT, TV Everywhere, cloud TV, Yahoo Finance, 4K TV, Business Week, Cable TV, Cloud, Connected TV, DVR, Engadget, IBC, IBC 2013, Industry, KT Skylife, Multiscreen, TiVo, TVE

Hot TV Industry News of the Week - September 6, 2013

Mon, Aug 19, 2013 | by Efrat Fenigson


The hottest industry news this week was about Smart TVs and Connected TVs.  It all started with “Breaking Bad” hitting 5.9 million views with its season opener – very unexpected for a program that is 5-years old. The reason? Netflix. Netflix helps turn shows with mediocre initial ratings into blockbusters by offering viewers to binge watch.

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Topics: VOD, Cable TV, Connected TV, Industry, Netflix, PayTV, security, Smart TV

Orange France Selects VO to Power Multiscreen Connected TV Platform

Thu, Jul 18, 2013 | by Efrat Fenigson


At TV Connect 2013, we announced that Orange France had selected the Service Delivery Platform, RiGHTv, part of Viaccess-Orca’s TV Everywhere solution, to power its connected devices. RiGHTv ensures the delivery of content via any screen, including mobile phones, PCs, tablets, game consoles and connected TVs, allowing a truly unified experience to become a reality for Orange France across all their distribution networks.

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Topics: Service Delivery Platform, TV Everywhere, Customers, Connected TV, Haggai Barel, Industry, IPTV, Multiscreen, Orange, Orange France, RiGHTv, TV Connect, TVE, User Experience

India TV Market Continues to Boom (Infographic) | Viaccess-Orca Blog

Wed, Jan 2, 2013 | by Efrat Fenigson


Today, India is home to one of the world’s most exciting television markets. With TV sets in 167 million households (second only to China) and a government plan in place to increase the number of internet users from 94 million (out of a population of 1.2 billion) in 2011 to 175 million by 2017 and 600 million by 2020, the prospects for growth are enormous.

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Topics: Infographic, APAC, Bollywood, Connected TV, Convergece India, India, India TV Market, Industry, Pay TV


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