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Introducing Voyage – The New User Journey | Viaccess-Orca Blog

Thu, Jan 8, 2015 | by Merav Cunningham


In September 2014, Viaccess-Orca introduced a new name for its end-to-end TV Everywhere solution – Voyage. The name represents a journey through what VO believes is the TV content trinity: quality, user-experience and security. Speaking at IBC 2014, David Leporini, EVP Marketing, Products and Security, discussed the meaning of Voyage, and how it reflects the journey which viewers take when watching TV: everywhere, at any time, and on any device.

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Fighting Sports Content Piracy | Viaccess-Orca

Thu, Nov 6, 2014 | by Merav Cunningham


Today live redistribution of content over the Internet is becoming an increasing problem for content service providers and content owners.

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Topics: Content Protection, worldcup, Civolution, Content, Content Piracy, Events, events, Eye on Piracy, IBC, IBC 2014, IBC trends, Industry, Live Streaming, live TV, Olympics, piracy, Sports, Technology, TV

What Was Buzzing at IBC 2014? | Viaccess-Orca Blog

Tue, Sep 23, 2014 | by François Moreau de Saint-Martin


This year’s IBC has been one of the most exciting shows ever for VO! In 2012, we had launched our new brand and a new strategy, with a clear focus on multiscreen solutions. In 2013, we have shared our vision for shaping the ultimate content experience, as represented in our engagement model. This year, it was all about “proven and deployed”: our vision is now translated into real life deployments, and users are enjoying it worldwide: In France they enjoy the DEEP service with OCS’ app for Game Of Thrones Season 4; In Sweden, Denmark, Spain and Romania they enjoy Voyage, VO’s multiscreen solution as users of Orange, Boxer or Telekom Romania . These services are personalized with our COMPASS platform, and in Israel, yes’ users also enjoy recommendations and personalization. In Finland, Turkey, Singapore Italy and more, users enjoy consuming their content securely on Android or iOS devices, protected by our Connected Sentinel Player.

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Topics: TV Everywhere, Anti-piracy, yes, 4k, boxer, Civolution, Customers, Content Discovery, Events, HEVC, IBC, IBC 2014, Industry, IOC, olympusat, Orange, Orange Spain, piracy, secure player, telekom romania

Telekom Romania Expanding Into the OTT World with Voyage

Mon, Sep 15, 2014 | by Merav Cunningham


Viaccess-Orca's Voyage - TV Everywhere solution has been selected by Telekom Romania (previously known as “Romtelecom”), part of the Deutsche Telekom Group, to drive its new IPTV service and expand into the OTT multiscreen world.

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Topics: OTT, TV Everywhere, Cable TV, Customers, COMPASS, customers, Deutsche Telekom, DT, DTH, end-to-end, IBC 2014, Industry, IPTV, personalization, RiGHTv, romtelecom, System Integrator, Telekon Romania, Thomas Staneker, TV, TVE, User Experience, Voyage

Viaccess-Orca: a Two-Year-Old Multiscreen Leader | Viaccess-Orca Blog

Mon, Sep 1, 2014 | by François Moreau de Saint-Martin


You may remember that the first IBC of the new VO brand was IBC 2012, where we announced our ambition to establish VO as a recognized player in the booming world of multiscreen television.

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