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IBC 2013 Recap: Innovations and Sensations - VO Blog

Thu, Oct 10, 2013 | by Efrat Fenigson


IBC 2013 was worth the wait! The halls were bursting with excitement as leaders from the broadcasting industry were demonstrating the latest innovations they cooked up. In between the ‘ooh’s and aah's,’ we kept our eyes wide open to spot which of the predictions of IBC trends came true, while highlighting VO’s innovations to an interesting and dynamic audience.

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Operators’ Survival Guide - Rules of Engagement, Part 3: DEEP Business Value | Viaccess-Orca Blog

Mon, Jun 17, 2013 | by Efrat Fenigson


In previous posts from our Operators Survival Guide series, we examined the findings of deep UX analysis, and discussed the impact of metadata aggregation, using an “Argo”-themed DEEP magazine’s case study.

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Topics: DEEP, Industry, Midnight in Paris, Ofer Weintraub, Operators Survival Guide, Rules of Engagement

Deep Metadata Aggregation – Argo Case Study - VO Blog

Tue, Feb 26, 2013 | by Ofer Weintraub


The time has come to transform the way we consume and engage with content using a companion screen. Following intensive analysis of how people watch TV, DEEP (Data Enrichment and Engagement Platform) was developed to revolutionize and enrich the second screen content experience. By providing valuable metadata in the form of automated digital magazines that can be used at all stages of the viewing process, DEEP enables viewers to enjoy a rich and enlightening experience. Before watching a program, viewers can examine discovery content. During the program, viewers can access content that promotes interaction and engagement. Once the program has ended, viewers can enjoy post-content learning, education and exploration. DEEP goes all the way to the Oscars Let's put this in a specific context for a better perspective. The film “Argo” garnered three awards at the Oscars, including the coveted Best Picture Award. This will surely spike its DVD and Blu-ray sales. Once viewers open the second screen app, DEEP will automatically create an aggregated digital magazine that transforms metadata on “Argo” from numerous sources into interesting stories. Viewers can access the tastefully arranged data and stories at any point in the film. The magic lies within the semantic algorithms that are used. Here's a sneak peek of what the digital magazine for “Argo” would look like: Below, you will see how DEEP created a list of the movie’s themes, settings, and characters. Only qualified themes deemed interesting by Internet users will be presented. Click on the theme, and another magazine on that subject will be produced. Of course, viewers can always swipe back.

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Topics: Argo, Best Picture Award, Content Discovery, Data Enrichment and Engagement Platform, DEEP, Events, Mobile World Congress, MWC, Ofer Weintraub, Oscars, Portfolio, Second Screen, Second Screen Application, Second Screen Apps

DEEP in Person | Viaccess-Orca Blog

Tue, Feb 26, 2013 | by Efrat Fenigson


See Ofer Weintraub, Viaccess-Orca's EVP of Innovation, showcasing DEEP -- a unique second screen application that creates personalized magazines for viewers.

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Topics: DEEP, Events, Mobile World Congress, MWC, Ofer Weintraub, Portfolio, Second Screen, Second Screen App, Second Screen Application

Operator Survival Guide, Rules of Engagement, Part 1: Deep UX Analysis | Viaccess-Orca Blog

Thu, Feb 21, 2013 | by Ofer Weintraub


Developing a successful second screen app requires a deep understanding of how people watch TV. We’re telling you, this is not an easy task!

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Topics: Data Enrichment and Engagement Platform, DEEP, Events, IBC2012, Metadata, Mobile World Congress, Monetization, MWC, Ofer Weintraub, Pay TV, pay TV operators, Portfolio, Recommendation, Second Screen, Second screen applications, Second Screen Apps, User Engagement, User Experience, User Interface, UX

Special Holiday Post: Movie Recommendations from Viaccess-Orca's Team! | Viaccess-Orca Blog

Mon, Dec 17, 2012 | by Efrat Fenigson


Christmas is just around the corner. With the holiday season upon us, your to-do lists pile up: shopping for gifts for family, friends and co-workers; buying a million groceries for the all-important holiday dinner; giving your home a much-needed Christmas flare; getting a tree, ornaments, socks - the works.

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Topics: Chrismtas, COMPASS, Content Discovery, Content Recommendations, Events, François Moreau De St Martin, Holiday, Ofer Weintraub

How to Create an Engaging Multi-Screen Experience - VO's Latest Webinar | Viaccess-Orca Blog

Thu, Nov 15, 2012 | by Efrat Fenigson


On October 24, Viaccess-Orca in association with Telecoms.com and Digital TV held a webinar entitled “Five Ways to Shape the Multi-Screen Experience”.

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Topics: Webinar, content personalization, DEEP, Events, multi-screen, Ofer Weintraub, Second Screen, Social Network, User Experience

Interviews With Our Team: Viaccess-Orca at IBC2012 | Viaccess-Orca Blog

Thu, Nov 8, 2012 | by Efrat Fenigson


Viaccess-Orca did not just have serious fun at IBC2012, as we won two awards and received glowing feedback on our social networks. We also demonstrated that Viaccess-Orca is now one strong team capable of providing innovative solutions. As one show participant said:

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Topics: DEEP, Digital TV Europe, Events, François Moreau de Saint Martin, Haggai Barel, IBC2012, interview, Metadata, Ofer Weintraub, P2P Tracker, Pay TV, Second Screen Application, Videonet

Five Ways to Shape the Multi-Screen User Experience | Viaccess-Orca Blog

Mon, Oct 22, 2012 | by Efrat Fenigson


Second screen viewing has already evolved into an exciting phenomenon experienced by an estimated 70% of all television viewers. It can no longer be ignored.

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Topics: Webinar, Events, Monetization, multi-screen, Ofer Weintraub, Second Screen

Upcoming Events | Viaccess-Orca Blog

Thu, Jun 7, 2012 | by Efrat Fenigson


In the next three months, Viaccess-Orca will present at key events in Asia, the Americas, and Europe. Here are some details about our global presence:

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Topics: ABTA, CommunicAsia, Content Discovery, Content Recommendations, Digital Services, Events, events, EVP, François Moreau de Saint Martin, Haggai Barel, IMTC, IPTV, LATAM, Mickey Shmuel, Ofer Weintraub, Sefy Ariely, TV of Tomorrow, TVOT


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