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Content Discovery Platform - COMPASS

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The challenge - content discovery for a personal TV experience
In the past, traditional television limited the choice to “whatever’s on now”.

Today, TV viewers have an abundance of choices on TV such as live channels, video-on-demand, personalized video recording, web based content and more.
With such a proliferation of products and content, the online, interactive marketplace has come to understand that "stocking the shelves" is not a viable sales effort, even if, for consumers, browsing those shelves is as effortless as a mouse/remote click. To address the needs of operators, content discovery and personal recommendations have become a vital part of the Pay TV/Video solution. 

Since a satisfied viewer will stay longer, purchase and consume more content, improving the customer experience is a key goal for operators seeking to increase and maximize revenues. Content discovery and personalization systems need to support a wide variety of use cases, content types, business models and content sources. The right recommendation must be offered at the right time, from both the customer’s and operator's point of view.

Content Discovery Platform - COMPASS 

COMPASS is an innovative and field-proven content discovery platform empowering subscribers and operators to fully benefit from the interactive and content-rich world of personal TV. With COMPASS, subscribers get personalized recommendations enabling them to find desirable content quickly and easily. Based on a blend of sophisticated content discovery algorithms, personalized recommendations are offered to drive additional purchases.
The algorithms driving the engines:

  • Collaborative filtering – recommendations based on similar usage patterns and the viewer recommendation requests history.
  • External rating – recommendations for content, which was rated highest by external critics.
  • Most popular –  provides a list of content items according to their popularity score.
  • Most recent – provides a list of the most recent on-demand content items in the service.
  • Operator’s promotion – generates a list of on-demand and live content promotions, which the content service provider defined in the Content Discovery Administration application.
  • Related content – similar item recommendations based on content metadata (actors, directors, years, countries, etc.) and keywords.
  • Viewer rating seasons – provides a list of the seasons rated highest by subscribers.
  • Viewer preferences – live program recommendations based on user behavior and preferences.
  • Most popular series – provides a list of most popular series seasons.
  • Viewer series – recommendations for the next unwatched episode or relevant season based on the viewer's favorite series.

Working as part of the content service provider’s head-end, COMPASS can be fully integrated with any service delivery platform/middleware solution. It continuously collects usage data, which serve as the basis for recommendation generation.
With COMPASS, providers can easily manage subscriber profiles, social networks, live and on-demand promotions. Extensive reports are designed for on-going status monitoring and business optimization.
COMPASS makes TV viewing fun, easy, personal and proactive. The built-in social discovery capabilities, transform TV into a personalized social platform for sharing content recommendations and interacting with friends and family. COMPASS enables operators to offer a whole new world of content for subscriber enjoyment, building customer satisfaction and promoting loyalty. By bringing subscribers closer to the content they really want, operators differentiate themselves in the market and enjoy new and increased revenue streams.
A flexible, state-of-the-art content discovery solution, COMPASS can be accessed on any device – whether TV, PC or mobile handset.


COMPASS, Content Discovery Platform provides operators with a full set of content discovery functionality for any device - TV, PC, tablet or smartphone.

  • Optimized recommendations:
    • Display a selection of content recommendations that is uniquely tailored for each viewer based on his or her profile, preferences and usage behavior.
    • Cover all the different content types which are available on TV today: Live events, singular programs, TV Series, movies and web-shows.
  • Content search & explore:
    • Enable viewers to navigate by way of relations content that they like (for example: to find movies that are related to other movies they previously watched and liked, shows that involve their favorite actors, etc.).
    • Provide results to the viewer's search criteria on media related data.
    • Auto-suggest capability to suggest the full term to be searched for, based on existing data in the system.
  • Social Discovery:
    • Users can send and receive personal recommendations from friends
    • See what is popular among friends
    • Buy friends VOD gifts, and more.
  • TV Planner:
    • Offer a daily or weekly schedule of live content based on personalized recommendations for subscribers who like to look ahead and plan
  • Targeted promotions:
    • Operators can create segmented promotions on specific content, controlling their schedule and the segment to which they are offered. 
Operators can leverage a user's personal profile in order to provide better recommendations and deliver more effective promotions and advertisements.
  • Advanced reports & analytics:
    • Comprehensive reporting and analytic tools which enable the operator to assess the effectiveness of the service as well as leverage this knowledge to optimize content inventory planning.


  1. Optimize – COMPASS enables operators to provide recommendations based on a blend of algorithms adapting to different launch stages, audience behaviors, usage patterns and context. The recommendations cover all the different content types which are available on TV today: Live events, singular programs, TV Series and movies.
  2. Personalize - Deliver recommendations to subscribers tailored to their individual preferences and context – empowering them to quickly and easily find desirable TV content.
  3. Socialize – With COMPASS you can transform TV into a proactive experience by providing rich social discovery functionality and seamlessly integrating with leading social networks.
  4. Grow – COMPASS enables you to profile users in order to create segmented promotions for content, while controlling the timing and scheduling of each promotion you can create new revenue streams and increase existing ones.

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