AMOS - Space Communications

Spacecom, or Space Communication is a communications satellite operator in the Middle East, European Union and North America headquartered in Israel.Spacecom operates the AMOS satellite fleet, currently consisting of the AMOS-2, AMOS-3 and AMOS-5 satellites.

AMOS-2 and AMOS-3, co-located at the 4°W "Hot Spot" orbital position, deliver a wide range of communications and broadcasting services to Europe and the Middle East. AMOS-5, located at the 17°E orbital position, offers a pan-African C-band beam, connecting Europe and the Middle East alongside three Ku-band regional beams, enabling it to be a prime carrier of African traffic in both broadcast and data services.

With the launch of the AMOS-4 and AMOS-6 satellites, Spacecom will expand its reach to serve additional markets, including Asia and Russia, positioning the company as a genuine multi-regional satellite operator.



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