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Join us for a panel discussion on Sunday, Sep. 11th,

11:00-12:00 CET at IBC, stand 1.A51!

Monetizing operators’ data: Does big data mean big rewards?

Pay TV and OTT platforms are sitting on mountains of customer data; data that allows them to see exactly what their customers want and how they want it. To date, however, few have taken advantage of the opportunities this data presents for strategic development, personalization and monetization. While some operators have progressed with targeted advertising, and SVoD services like Netflix are known for using customer information to target own-production development, the real opportunities go way beyond this.

But just as there are many opportunities, so too are there many unanswered questions. How do data protection and privacy laws impact the utility of this data and how does that vary by market? Does operator customer data render current audience research and measurement panels obsolete? How can operators best manipulate the huge volumes of data they do have in a timely and effective manner? Does big data really hold the key to the future of TV development or is it actually a Pandora’s box that few dare open?

Join the industry’s leading experts in data manipulation in a panel hosted by Viaccess-Orca and discover why big data really is a big deal.


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