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Mobile networks are surpassing TV to become the main growth channel for content delivery, and consumers are spending more on SVOD than ever before.


Launch OTT services the way you want

From OTT provided 'as a service', through hybrid and on-prem, VO's experts can integrate and deploy solutions that meet your business's specific needs.


optimize your IPTV deployments

Integrate current systems and ecosystem partners with additional services such as OTT, enable agility, scalability and reduce costs.


customize and monetize VR experiences

You’ll be able to customize VR applications that have embedded interactivity features, and leverage top-quality business analytics and targeted advertising to monetize premium immersive experiences.

VO provides a proven, scalable, top-quality TV platform that supports multiple business models and offers monetization opportunities.

Markets Highlights

OTT Services enable multiple business models, integrate legacy services and provide seamless, high quality delivery for sports and live events across mobiles, desktops, STBs and smart TVs.
VO’s robust IPTV service delivery platform manages content throughout its entire lifecycle, from content preparation in a variety of formats to encryption, distribution, publishing, and finally playout on various devices.
Virtual Reality
VO’s VR solutions leverage targeted ads, recommendations and more with highly customizable product placement as interactive, clickable 3D objects, or ad banners.