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VO’s TV Platform Solutions

VO’s TV Platform provides a complete solution - from multiscreen content management to
TV applications, enabling cost effective operations.

Comprehensive TV services

Provide outstanding TV experiences with a variety of business models on all devices such as STBs, mobile, PCs, streaming devices

Deploy it your way

Deploy on-premise, or as a fully managed TV Platform as a Service in the cloud

Deploy this modular platform in hybrid configurations that integrate on-premise and cloud systems

Trusted and Proven

Whether integrating legacy systems or launching new services, VO’s team is with you all the way, with professional advice and experience

Increase revenue with outstanding TV experiences

  • Rich TV services and engagement

    Live, VOD, catchup, N-PVR, online messaging
    and push notification

  • Personalized user experiences

    Personalized recommendations, multiscreen
    secure video player and highly customizable TV Apps

  • Multiple monetization models

    Transaction, subscription, advertising and in-app purchases

  • Actionable insights into your business

    Highly advanced TV analytics to increase user
    engagement and revenues


Improve operational efficiency and reduce costs

  • Simplified operations

    A single management console for content, services, subscribers,
    devices, recommendations and analytics for all delivery networks

  • Reuse your current ecosystems

    Sophisticated API management layer or out-of-the-box
    integrations for content preparation, CDN, payment and more

  • Leave the Infrastructure to us

    Hosted, fully VO managed TV Platform as a Service delivers 99.95%
    service availability with auto-scaling and full redundancy

Obtain Agility and Flexibility

  • Quickly implement new features

    Utilize VO’s open, modular architecture, which migrating
    to microservices

  • Enable fast and continuous delivery of new capabilities

    Employ DevOps methodology


Why VO?

  • Proven, scalable, top-quality TV platform
  • Global provider to millions of customers and devices
  • Proven, experienced team that provides superior
    professional and managed services
  • Large ecosystem of partners and integration plugins

See how easily you can expand your legacy services with OTT and create outstanding TV experiences.
Read more: www.viaccess-orca.com/tv-everywhere

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