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11 October 2018
VO Player
What’s new - Protect your content on PC/MAC

Introducing the stand-alone
player for PC/MAC

Operating a video service that targets web browsers can be challenging because HTML5 players have many limitations: 

  • Lack of security because JavaScript is unsecured by nature
  • Lack of functionalities such as offline viewing and low live latency
  • It’s really easy to block advertisements by ad-blockers
  • Operators are forced to handle multiple streams in order to address all browsers: DASH/Widevine, DASH/PlayReady, HLS/FairPlay. This comes with a cost and increases ecosystem complexity

At VO we have the solution to solve this! 
VO is proud to offer the VO Player for Desktop which solves all of these issues. The solution includes:  

  • Enablement of web pages for UI development and integration into browsers
  • Native video player ensuring high security and high performance
  • Wrapper for browser management and integration
  • Silent upgrades

The single drawback is that requires a one-time installation, but since it enables so many features and premium security, we are sure that you’ll agree that the benefits outweigh the inconvenience.

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Flexible integration

VO Player for Desktop is available both integrated into web browsers and as a stand-alone application. The two modes are not exclusive, so that you can keep your existing website, and in parallel solve browser fragmentation and enable offline viewing.

Once installed, the link between the web page and the player application is automatically set, so that the video playback can be launched from any browser, with one stream and one DRM for all browsers. Your website can now support all web browsers, even the exotic ones: Chrome, IE, Edge, Safari, Firefox, Opera, CocCoc, etc.

You can also easily develop a branded, stand-alone application that is directly launchable from the desktop of your subscribers.  

Much more secure than a HTML5 player

VO Player for Desktop: 

  • Prevents screen capture, screen recording and screen sharing
  • Blocks TV outputs according to DRM information
  • Supports watermarking and fingerprinting
  • Detects that it is running in a VM
  • Blocks the video playback to avoid illegal redistribution of the content over the Internet 
  • Protect your ad revenues as VO Player for Desktop is anti Ad-blocker by design
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Unified experience across mobiles and desktops

You can reuse the same back-end and streams as for Android and iOS, since VO Player shares the same core on iOS, Android, PC and Mac. This ensures unified experiences across mobiles and desktops, with the same behavior and features everywhere. Offer your subscribers the support of offline viewing and multitasking Picture in Picture, especially on web browsers.

VO's secure video player is a multi-platform media player.
It incorporates multi-DRM support for VOD, live and catch-up content,
whether streamed or downloaded.
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Fighting Digital Piracy

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