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Whitepaper Download: Keeping an Eye on Piracy

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New Anti-Piracy Solution Can Help Reduce Piracy of Sporting Events and Other High-Value Content

Today's high-value sporting event content has motivated a new generation of sophisticated video pirates hide behind legitimate-looking Web portals, stealing revenue from legitimate content providers, distributors and even advertisers.
Viaccess-Orca and Civolution have collaborated to produce a powerful new way identify and confirm video piracy, even after the content is no longer under the control of the original content provider or premium content distributor.
This paper shows how active video content monitoring by Viaccess-Orca's Eye on Piracy identifies and locates pirate streams in real time, so operators can take immediate action against the pirates.  Digital watermarking by Civolution's NexGuard technology enables content stakeholders to confirm whether or not suspected content was actually pirated, and even identify the last legitimate player; thus identifying the individual thief.  

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