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Conditional Access System - Adaptive Sentinel

Content Security

The Challenge

In an increasingly connected world, adapting security needs cost-effectively to a rapidly shifting landscape of both casual and organized piracy is becoming an increasing challenge for content service providers.

Operators need to square the circle of deploying a cost-effective single solution that features:

  • Fast time to market
  • Simplified logistics
  • Supports and can adapt to all pay-TV business models
  • Features advanced security
  • Provides seamless updates and constant security upgrades
  • Is proactive about anti-piracy measures
  • Is a complete ecosystem

Conditional Access System - Adaptive Sentinel

Adaptive Sentinel’s is a unique dual card & cardless conditional access system based on software and hardware security. A dual system such as this gives operators the best of all worlds and allows them to run a single system from a single vendor rather than forcing them to choose one technology or the other: the card responds to the most demanding security concerns of content owners while the cardless option allows for flexible and dynamic deployment.

It is a uniquely flexible solution that allows operators to meet security needs in a rapidly shifting landscape of growing piracy.


By allowing the simultaneous use of both our card and cardless technologies on the same head-end and on the terminal side, Adaptive Sentinel offers a unified Conditional Access System.

1.Cardless security can be used for a fast and cost-effective launch of a new service. This option allows you to flexibly and dynamically manage your subscriber base, while allowing seamless transition.

2. Card-based technology, which allows you to expand services and security and accommodate the most demanding concerns of content owners. The card option benefits from the latest PC6.0 generation of smartcards released earlier this year.

3. Additionally, the Viaccess-Orca Secure Environment (VSE) increases the robustness of the global solution. VSE takes full advantage of the latest secure chipset technologies in terms of Trusted Execution Environment (TEE). After pioneering the launch of the customized hardware PC6.0, Viaccess-Orca has developed proprietary code embedded in the chipset to improve the security of its Conditional Access System.

4. Choose your components from a pre-integrated, field-proven ecosystem of Secure STB and CI+ CAM modules



Secure premium content and firmly combat piracy. Viaccess-Orca creates a truly 360ºsecurity approach for content service providers incorporating best-of-breed technology, legal protection, continue risk assessment, and proactive anti-piracy measures. And Adaptive Sentinel relies on robust and proven DVB Common Scrambling Algorithm (CSA) and AES encryption standards.



Constantly enrich your solution to counter the very latest piracy threats and adapt to your needs. Adaptive Sentinel’s dual card/cardless system gives you the best of all worlds; allowing you to run a single system from a single vendor rather than forcing you to choose one technology or the other



Study the market to learn about emerging piracy trends and possible weaknesses in your system security. Piracy technologies and methodologies are constantly evolving, yours should be too.



Get your service up and running swiftly and reduce time-to-market by deploying a proven, pre-integrated, off-the-shelf solution capable of swapping from cardless to card-based. To cover the needs for all markets, the ecosystem includes CAM modules, a zapper and an initial middle range STB. A high-end STB with interactive middleware is expected soon after launch.



Offer a wide variety of business models to best fit individual market circumstances and customer needs: the card responds to the most demanding security concerns of content owners while the cardless option allows for flexible and dynamic deployment 

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