VO's Targeted TV Advertising is a revolutionary and fully agnostic solution, empowering service providers to monetize their first-party usage data by harnessing engagement to maximize revenues.

targeted advertising TV

Highly Rewarding Segmentation

Turn your first-party usage data into highly profitable target audience segments, dramatically surpassing the revenue of traditional TV advertising


TV monetization

Harness Engagement for Monetization

Harness VO's user engagement and personalization expertise, designed to enhance viewing, create additional advertising opportunities and maximize revenue


Making Targeted TV Advertising Simple

A full-stack programmatic infrastructure enables TV operators and broadcasters to simply serve and manage all platforms and devices via a single, end-to-end, unified solution

TV advertising revenues

Personal, Diverse Experiences

Optimize revenue and reduce churn: an embedded AI capability empowers tailored experiences and ad-display models fitted to the viewer’s preferences, ad-sensitivity and purchase-potential

Grow your business with addressable TV advertising that puts your data to work, engaging viewers, boosting advertising opportunities and monetizing your overall services. Perfectly adapted to your needs, easily deployed on all platforms.

Targeted TV Advertising Highlights

Profitable AI-Based Segmentation
Embedded AI algorithms draw valuable, in-depth insights on viewer’s behavior and preferences, resulting in highly-profitable segmentation, including household composition, personal interests, life moment events and more.
Premium Advertising Rates
Providing highly-profitable segmentation and effective big-screen targeting empowers providers to interact with the ad-tech ecosystem on premium revenue-share rates. 
Monetization Optimization for All Audiences

Embedded segment performance and predictive actionable analytics to optimize advertising and monetization opportunities, including identifying ad-sensitive users and providing them with flexible models to prevent churn.

Increase Advertising Opportunities
Highly-engaging personalization, carefully designed to extend viewing time, creating additional advertising opportunities to maximize ad revenue.
One Solution Supporting All
Unified solution for serving and managing all services and devices via a single platform: Linear and TSTV ad replacement (catch-up, NPVR), linear overlay (banner) insertion, on-demand video and overlay ads insertion for unicast and multicast content delivery.
Complete Control
From segment creation to monetization, your assets and advertising opportunities remain within your full control, via a set of advanced modules and data security tools, ensuring both quality and agile compliance to privacy-related regulatory legislation.
TV First
With an extensive record of both TV and advertising expertise, we empower providers to monetize their services while ensuring uncompromised delivery quality, through frame-accurate ad replacement and TV peak handling, with a zero-latency approach.
What is targeted TV advertising?
Targeted Advertising is an umbrella term for a collection of technologies that allow advertisers to show consumers different advertisements based on their personal interests, specific traits, and characteristics. These can include a whole variety of different things, including age, where people live, what sort of TV shows they like to watch, and much more. The technology allows TV providers to accommodate targeted marketing campaigns by running different adverts in the same slot and therefore allows different advertisers to reach different audiences that may be interested in their products.
How are TV ads targeted?
Television companies, whether traditional broadcasters or operators offering streaming services, are able to assemble profiles of their viewers based on a variety of different criteria. This can include previous viewing history, information obtained when viewers signed up for the service (such as age and location), and more.

The technology behind targeted ads is then able to insert different ads depending on who is watching. For example, in one-30 second slot it can run an advert for a cruise company aimed at retirees, or an advert for a local restaurant near the viewer, or back to school commercials for households with kids at the relevant ages. 
Why do companies use targeted advertising?
Targeted advertising allows everyone involved in television advertising to be more effective. Advertisers can use their money more effectively to reach an audience that has a higher chance of wanting to buy their products than the normal, while it is also beneficial for the television companies. They can increase revenue by running more adverts at the same time. Research also shows that consumers respond much better to advertisements that are coordinated with their own interests and are less liable to be annoyed by them.
Is Targeted TV Advertising only relevant for AVOD services?

Not at all. The VO Targeted TV Advertising Platform can be used in any television advertising ecosystems, including linear TV services. Indeed, many of its most powerful features, including the ability to maximise ad opportunities via banner advertisements, are relevant to any provider that has control of the viewer’s user interface.

Will digital advertising become less targeted because of GDPR?
Not necessarily. While the GDPR has stopped companies buying and selling data on the open market, companies have responded by asking users to voluntarily submit more information about themselves when, for example, signing up for new services. This is called first-party data and its carefully controlled use is allowed under GDPR legislation. New technologies are also emerging that can use Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to search for patterns in the information about what viewers watch and extrapolate the age, life stage of viewers, and more without violating any of the rules of the GDPR.
Is targeted advertising an invasion of privacy?
No. Legislation such as the GDPR has been put in place specifically to protect viewers’ privacy from being invaded, and all companies in the targeted TV advertising space work within strict guidelines to make sure privacy is maintained.
Is targeted advertising effective?
Targeted advertising works in a similar way to how online advertising does but with television’s additional reach and is extremely effective. Advertisers find that they might be reaching smaller audiences than via traditional television advertising, but those audiences are more receptive to their messages and more liable to buy their products. As a result, the amount of money being spent on targeted TV advertising as a proportion of the total television advertising budget is rising all the time.
What is addressable TV?

Addressable TV refers to the use of data and technology to deliver targeted ads, content, or programming to specific households or individuals based on their interests, demographics, location, or other factors. It can be used to provide a more personalized and effective viewing experience for viewers, and it is often delivered through internet-connected devices.

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