Gain deep insights into viewer behaviour & preferences and enhance your offering through a suite of data-driven solutions, including VO Segmenter, TV analytics, content discovery, advanced personalization, and Editorial Advisor.



Enhance business strategies

Get instant and comprehensive visibility into your business performance. Easily identify the products and content that viewers like. Create upsell opportunities, based on actual viewing and browsing patterns.


Optimize content acquisition

Identify the content that brings high ROI as well as content gaps, based on in-depth content usage analysis. Leverage data to negotiate the best terms for your content purchases.


Maximize your Customer's Experience

Optimize the effectiveness of different sources of content discovery; determine which viewers are at churn risk. Improve viewer experiences and increase engagement levels.

Leveraging first-party data and advanced AI insights, VO's robust data intelligence, audience segmentation, and content curation solutions empower tailor-made viewing experiences and actionable, revenue-generating recommendations, driven by accurate and flexible audience segmentation.

Data Intel & Personalization Highlights

Tailored Segmentation, Ecosystem-wide Data
With the VO Segmenter, video service providers can increase revenues for targeted campaigns, advertising and customer retention, harnessing data from every corner of the video delivery ecosystem, including backend servers, STBs, and apps.
AI-Powered Editorial Advisor

Maximize editorial efficiency and user engagement with VO's Editorial Advisor, leveraging large language models LLMs to streamline content curation, generate diverse collections, optimize visual copy, and identify underperforming UI categories.

Revenue Top-Down Analysis
Discover how your services, subscriptions, content usage and users, as well as their interests and devices, impact your TV and OTT revenues over time.
Content Consumption Attribution
Easily gain insight into the sources of content discovery and the triggers that encourage conversion. Detect how a single recommendation can turn into multiple engagement actions based on the cumulative effect of personalized suggestions.
Customer Churn Prediction 
Maximize the ROI of your retention efforts by focusing on those subscribers who will benefit most from your attention and react positively to your approaches. Unfold and understand the unique TV customer traits and behaviors that are likely to indicate churn.
User Content Interests
Tap into your viewers’ interests across all devices, by analyzing the terms for which they are searching and uncover any gaps in your content offering. Identify monetization opportunities for new products and offerings.

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