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TV Business Analytics

Are you driving your TV services blindly?

VO’s TV Business Analytics shines the light on your TV services.

VO’s outstanding comprehensive business analytics enable you to optimize your product offerings and marketing strategies, content acquisition and increase your TV services consumption and revenues.
tv business strategies

Enhance business strategies

Get instant and comprehensive visibility into your business performance. Easily identify the products and content that viewers like. Create upsell opportunities, based on actual viewing and browsing patterns.
Using these insights you’ll be able to optimize your marketing strategies to increase your revenues.

content acquistion

Optimize content

You’ll be able to see the content that interests your viewers.
Identify the content that brings high ROI, and any content gaps, based on the in-depth content usage analysis.
Leverage this TV analytics data to negotiate the best terms for your content purchases.

video engagement

Maximize your
Customer's Experience

Increase users engagement. Measure and optimize the effectiveness of the different sources of content discovery - search, recommendations, promotions and catalog exploration.
Determine which viewers are at risk for churn.
With these insights, you’ll be able to improve your viewers’ experience and increase engagement levels.

VO's TV Business Analytics

VO’s off-the-shelf TV Business Analytics provide all your TV analytics in a single, easy to use console, with clearly identified monetization opportunities.  


VO's TV Business Analytics, an out-of-the-box solution, provides all your TV analytics in a clear, easy-to-use console.

You’ll be able to easily identify your KPIs and their drivers and interactively discover actionable insights.

TV Analytics Highlights

Revenue Top Down Analysis - discover how your services, subscriptions, content, content usage, users, and their interests and devices impact your TV and OTT revenues over time.

Content Consumption Attribution - easily gain insight into the sources of content discovery and triggers that encourage conversion.
Detect how a single recommendation can turn into multiple engagement actions, based on the cumulative effect of personalized suggestions.

User Content Interests - tap into your viewers’ interests across all devices, by analyzing the terms for which they are searching and uncover any gaps in your content offering.
Spot monetization opportunities for new products and offerings.

Interactive Discovery Experience - comprehensive reports integrate data from numerous views and sources, enabling deep analysis.
Drill up, down and across the data; and slice and dice to pinpoint issues and determine KPIs.

tv data analtyics

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