VO's Dynamic Watermarking is the most innovative way to protect content on broadcast, IPTV and OTT networks -
identifying the source of piracy and taking it down within seconds.


Protect your content value chain

Dynamic watermarking algorithms can modify the watermarking mechanisms, providing advanced protection against all attempts to pirate on Live platforms.


Extend the life of your devices

This latest generation of content protection technologies is fully-deployable on legacy devices. Quick and simple client-side deployment.



Utilize sophisticated DRM with anti-debugging, anti-tampering and other security features - disable an application and revoke all content licenses in cases of abuse or hacking.

VO's Expert Team offers Watermarking-as-a-Service and operates campaign management systems to remove pirate broadcasts during Live Events.

Dynamic Watermarking Highlights

Ultra-robust technology
Watermarks are retained during illegal acquisition (camrecording, screen casting, etc.) and during storage (re-encoding, aspect-ratio change, etc.).
Extends the life of operators' devices with the latest generation of content protection technologies.
Imperceptible to users
Tracing watermarks do not impair the end-user experience, but can be quickly extracted to notify the operator and disrupt a pirated stream.
Scalable and straightforward
Fully scalable, scanning millions of devices then pinpointing those that are pirating content; the watermarking agent easily integrates into low computational CE devices.
Offers 4K Compliance and MovieLabs compatibility
 Meets Content Owners Studio and Sports Leagues requirements

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