With new forms of video piracy emerging every day, and illegal apps, IPTV and streaming on the rise, a holistic approach to piracy is required.


VO's Anti-Piracy Center empowers content owners and service providers to protect their content, their revenues, and their business from the various faces of video piracy. 

STB content protection

Comply with rights holder and studio requirements

Become fully compliant with the security and QoE requirements of Hollywood studios, sports leagues & federations for broadcasting premium content, live or on-demand.

Fight all types of piracy, wherever it is

Fight any piracy type, everywhere

VO's Anti-Piracy Center provides a 360° protection against threat evolution, managed via a single, unified, portal incorporating all available data, campaign info, and measurable KPIS.

Monitor threats and secure your infrastructure

Monitor threats and secure your infrastructure

Rest assured that your infrastructure, devices, and brand reputation are well-protected with VO's market-leading security knowledge and industry expertise.

boost subscriptions and prevent churn

boost subscriptions and prevent churn

Convert consumers of illegal content into legitimate customers and secure their loyalty by disrupting illegal content distribution and diminishing its QoE. 

Web, IPTV, STBs or Apps – VO's Anti-Piracy Center is designed to counteract any pain point, type, or source of video piracy. Our piracy intelligence approach is based on a combination of technology monitoring, customer / local investigators feedbacks, and the expertise of a dedicated, multi-disciplinary team.

Anti-Piracy Center Highlights

Anti-piracy | web
24/7, real-time monitoring and detection of illegally distributed content for both live and VOD content, including analysis of 1.5 billion new suspicious links per month through both automated and manual searches. Sending of DMCA compliant takedown notices to Content Platforms, Cyberlockers, ISPs, CDNs and more.
anti-piracy | IPTV

Automated scraping and labelling of IPTV reselling websites and IPTV services. 24/7 automated monitoring and data collection of IPTV services selected for our customers.

anti-piracy | apps & stbs

Automated, real-time monitoring and data collection; Full security review and technical counter-measures action plan; Supports IP and DNS bans in line with local legislation on TV piracy.

Dynamic watermarking detects content redistributed from broadcast, IPTV, and OTT networks as and when required. Identifies and removes the source of re-streaming within seconds, critical for Live and Sports Events.
Breach & credential sharing detection

Robust AI and ML detects password sharing and hacking attempts throughout the whole video delivery chain by analyzing user behaviors and flagging anomalies.

Multi-Dimension Team

Dedicated team of global experts with decades of experience, including video security experts, trained investigators, ISO certified security auditors, and legal experts.


Sending DMCA compliant takedown notices to content platforms, cyberlockers, ISPs, CDNs and more. Supports IP and DNS bans in line with local legislation. Removal of illegal apps from Apple and Google Play stores.

What is anti-piracy?

Anti-Piracy is a set of services aimed at extending the security offered by traditional content protection mechanisms such as Conditional Access Systems (CAS) and Digital Rights Management (DRM). These services usually include security assessment of the video delivery chain, monitoring it to detect breaches, and then remediation actions, usually in the form of take down notices and legal actions.

What is online piracy?

Online piracy is the illegal access and illegal redistribution of video content carried out by video pirates via various technologies. The illegally distributed content is normally premium live and VOD content, which poses a significant threat to the security and earnings of the legal content owners.

What is anti-piracy law?

Specific anti-piracy law varies from country to country, and even sometimes from state to state. However, they are typically based around copyright laws and these are upheld by most national and international legal systems around the world. Fines for misdemeanors are common, with penalties growing in severity the further up the piracy chain the interception occurs. Organizers of large anti-piracy services can often expect jail sentences.

Why is online piracy a problem?

Online piracy is a problem on several levels: First, it inflicts a huge revenue loss for the legal content owners including creators, companies, and even employees of the music, television, and movie industries. In addition to the billions of dollars lost annually, piracy affects the customer experience, as there is no quality of assurance on pirated sites, ultimately diminishing the content’s value and its brand reputation, while also exposing the end user to various security risks, mainly malware and potentially non-age-appropriate content accessed by children.

How to prevent online piracy?

Preventing online piracy requires the detection and removal of illegally redistributed content on the open internet. To do that, you would need to research and collect information to identify infringing websites or links, then have these illegal websites delisted by search engines and the illegal videos removed from all types of distribution platforms, including social networks, Cyberlockers, link farms and more.

Why is online piracy bad?

Put simply, it’s a theft. And it causes tremendous revenue and job losses, and not just for big cooperations either. And if you need another reason, just think that if your favorite content creator suffers the consequences of piracy, he may seize to create it altogether. And that’s an even greater loss.

Can online piracy be stopped?

Yes. But it won’t be easy, and certainly not for you to do it on your own. Piracy has become significantly more sophisticated in recent years and thus the tools to fight it have had to evolve as well. To stop online piracy, you need to make sure your infrastructure is well secured, to constantly monitor threats and detect vulnerabilities and illegally redistributed content on all possible sources, including web, IPTV, STBs, and Apps. A combination of human experts and AI-based automatic searches is recommended, as well as using the latest content security and detection technologies, including dynamic watermarks. Finally, you would need to send take-down notifications to pirate video delivery chain services and have illegal apps removed from the application stores.

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