VO Super Aggregation is the ultimate solution for cord-cutting, helping operators and providers secure viewer loyalty and drive engagement through the roof with universal content offerings and holistic discovery across all platforms.


Give Viewers What They Want

Secure loyalty and boost engagement by enabling instant access to a seamless universe of unlimited content. The best of all worlds in one place and with one subscription.


Make Their Choices Easier

Save viewers the frustrating search for the content they like and empower a leaned-back viewing experience by handing out a selection perfectly fitted to their preferences with tailor-made content discovery.


Stay Ahead of the Competition

Gain a competitive edge over ‘regular’ OTT subscriptions by offering viewers both OTT and linear content - all easily accessible through a single, affordable service. No hassle, no need to choose.


Accelerate Time To Market

Launch your service swiftly via a ready-made solution with out-of-the-box OTT integration and unified management, avoiding the pain points of multiplatform integration and data standardization.

Optimize your offering through a seamless content aggregation framework, enabling unified management and metadata ingest. Any content, any provider - everything your viewers want in one subscription.

Super Aggregation Highlights

Holistic discovery
Leverage your understanding of viewer preferences and habits across all OTT services to provide a holistic discovery wherever they are, including global search; personalized recommendations; content curation; dynamic catalogs and continuous watching.
Unified metadata management
Advanced metadata management and formats standardization of all content sources from ingest through updates, conversion, normalization and enrichment.
Seamless access and embedded playback
Simplify multi-app login and enable swift content playback by implementing single sign-on access, allowing viewers to reach their destination quickly and effortlessly.
Exclusive, linear-like channels
Recreate the magic of linear TV through live-streamed channels, simulating the effortless nature of pre-scheduled viewing - with the added value of personal content curation, keeping viewers from getting lost in the land of content.
Insights and analytics
Insightful data-driven analysis of usage flows and consumption patterns, empowering superior user experiences, performance optimization and effective segmentation, boosting ROI and leveraging your business positioning amidst content vendors.
Cross-service bundles
Stay ahead of the curve and on top of real-time market trends with dynamic product offerings, available across multiple services through a competitive all-in-one bill.
Trusted Industry partnerships
Harness VO’s extensive industry experience and wealth of partnerships with leading content providers to enable hassle-free super-aggregation.

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