Protect your investment in acquisition rights from piracy and get sports fans to cheer for you through offering premium viewing experiences with low latency and added value features support, including multiview and watch party.

protected TV content

Secure your streams FROM HACKERS

Protect live sports events from restreaming with VO's full security and anti-piracy coverage, including Multi-DRM and Dynamic Watermarking

Sports streaming experience


Deliver premium, living-room-level TV experiences with low latency and no interruptions across all connected devices.

sports TV solution

Meet viewers standard requirements

Keep up with growing viewer appetite for advanced capabilities and features by supporting multiview and watch party hosting.

VO’s full suite of TV services is a perfect live sports streaming solution, covering everything from live event broadcasting to anti-piracy defense while meeting the highest standards for viewer engagement through zero-latency, premium viewing experiences, video scrubbing, multiview, and watch party functionalities.

Live Sports TV Highlights

Protect Live Streams from Piracy
Proven Anti-Piracy Services include Dynamic Watermarking, password sharing control, AI-based intrusion detection and more.
Multiview & Watch party supported

Watch party and multiview capabilities allow users to share remote viewing experiences and observe the same event from different camera angles, letting them become the director of their own event, without causing latency.

Unified Video Experience
VO's secure player supports native scrubbing and provides low live latency while utilizing CMAF technologies and offering a supreme video experience across multiple platforms and operating systems, pre-integrated with a complete partner ecosystem.
Scalable, reliable system seamlessly manages extreme traffic spikes with offloading to the cloud, utilizing a license pre-delivery mechanism and a geo-redundant solution with a recovery plan. Carrier-grade content protection supports Widevine, Fairplay, PlayReady, VO's Multi-DRM, and CMAF single stream.
Deliver high-quality experiences on all devices
Deliver top-quality, low latency, TV experiences to all connected devices, with high robustness to re-buffering risks, integration of sports highlights markers on program timelines, advanced start-over, and timeshift experiences.
What are live streaming solutions?
Live streaming solutions are video hosting platforms that enable real-time streaming of video content over the internet. There are several types of solutions: consumer/prosumer level solutions for creating and broadcasting content include YouTube, Twitch, Facebook Live, and so on, while professional live streaming solutions for broadcasters, operators, and media organizations have additional mission-critical features such as increased reliability, content protection measures, and so on.
What is live streaming and how does it work?
Live streaming is the technology used to stream video content over the internet to multiple devices in real-time replicating the traditional live broadcasts of linear television. Using data compression and encoding techniques, the video’s data is divided into smaller fragments and then distributed to viewer devices through a dedicated distribution network of servers via a Content Distribution Network (CDN). The individual user’s device receives, decodes, decrypts, and decompresses the video data received and plays the video using a dedicated app or player.
What is live streaming used for?
Live streaming is used for many purposes, including broadcasting live events, video conferencing, and online education. In a media industry context, it is increasingly being used to broadcast concerts and sporting matches by providers of SVOD services, enabling them to differentiate themselves by offering live content that was once the sole preserve of linear television services.
How to make live sports streams protected?
To protect live sports streams different techniques are required, including a Secure Video Player, Digital Rights Management (DRM), Conditional Access System (CAS), and watermarking. Ideally, these are applied in combination with other security techniques, such as geo-blocking and encryption. VO’s Anti-Piracy Center offers a comprehensive set of services to extend the security offered by traditional content protection mechanisms and counteract all piracy use cases.
How do I protect a live stream?
First, make sure you choose a secure streaming service, such as VO Secure Video Player. Then, a combination of security measures is required, including DRM and dynamic watermarking. As there are multiple types of threats in a landscape that is constantly evolving, you should also employ active anti-piracy measures to detect unauthorized illicit streaming, breach detection or password sharing. These need to be coupled with swift remediation acts against the violating parties. Usually, all these measures include both automated scraping and manual searches, with human expertise in the field still vital despite many recent advances in AI-driven capabilities.

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