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Secure Video Player

Difficulties in delivering content on all devices?

VO's secure video player is a multi-platform media player for premium live and VOD content, streamed or downloaded, enabling a compelling viewer experience.
video player

Reach all
your viewers

With VO's secure video player fragmentation is no longer an issue; it provides a unified experience and truly differentiating features across mobiles, desktops, STBs and smart TVs.

media player

Offer truly differentiating
user experiences

Better than a native player - deliver living-room TV experiences on OTT solutions with low live latency, fast zapping time, responsive scrubbing and more.

drm security

Protect content
from hackers

Utilize sophisticated DRM with anti-debugging, anti-tampering and other security features - disable an application and revoke all content licenses in cases of abuse or hacking.

Rely on a proven solution

Reduce risk with VO's proven solutions, trusted by customers around the world and by major studios. In addition, you'll be able to negotiate optimum terms as the studios recognize they can trust your exemplary content protection and delivery.

All About the Player

Watch now to see how the secure video player delivers consistent, high-quality video experiences, providing scrubbing, low live latency and HD quality perception @1Mbp.

VO's secure video player's content protection solves Android fragmentation and uniformly supports devices' software and hardware codecs, enabling you to extend your user base to small, medium and large screen viewers.

Secure Video Player Highlights

Support across multiple platforms and connected devices: mobiles, desktops, web, Smart TVs, STBs
Multi-standard streaming including HLS, MSS and DASH, supports streaming protocols for live and VOD and offline modes
Delivery of consistent, high-quality, compelling viewer experiences across multiple platforms and operating systems
Integrated with major DRMs including Microsoft PlayReady®, VO’s proprietary DRM, Google Widevine® and Apple Fairplay®, Verimatrix, Marlin and more

Unique security capabilities that prevent hackers from cloning the player on other devices, and from obtaining access to the content encryption keys and unencrypted video content


More highlights     VO Player for Desktop

Advanced ad insertion capabilities that enable revenue maximization

Bandwidth saving enables fine tuning of the ABR and saves bandwidth with the support of HEVC

'Download to go' offline viewing enables download of streaming contents and stores it locally on a device for later playback, in compliance with content owner security requirements

Video Shield protects against attacks due to modification of Android to dump video files during playback; extends protection from the core DRM along the whole video flow, up to the screen.

Analytics provide comprehensive set of data from playback sessions; includes Agama, Conviva or Youbora plug-ins

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