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DRM Solutions

Is your content truly protected in this
ever-changing world?

VO provides a state of the art, end-to-end, DRM content protection
solutions for connected devices.
drm protection


Secures content from content preparation through delivery, on any screen through any network. Integrated solution for broadcast and broadband.

drm deployment


Collects accurate data for advanced security services; proven ability to accurately monitor and revoke devices.

multi-drm solution


Offers agility and scalability, can be deployed ‘as a service’, on premises and on the cloud. A one stop-shop for IPTV and/or OTT services.

VO's DRM Solutions

VO's Digital Rights Management (DRM) solution supports both VO’s proprietary DRM and multi-DRM technologies, Widevine, Fairplay and Microsoft PlayReady to enable secure content distribution to STBs and mobile devices.

VO’s DRM solutions and its integrated analytics offers the most cost efficient, scalable and rapidly deployed solution for IPTV or OTT content protection.

DRM Solutions Highlights

Most comprehesive IPTV/OTT solution on the market, can be deployed on premise and in the Cloud
Privileged partnership with Microsoft, Google Widevine and Fairplay
Full scope of the latest technology security services including anti-piracy 
Pre-integrated for E2E TV Platform multiscreen services
Supports the complete range of TV services and business models: Live, VoD, PPV, Catch-UP, nPVR/PVR , Parental control, EST

Pre-integrated with many chipset and STB manufacturers, CDNs, transcoders and video/origin servers

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