Our premium content security solutions include card and cardless CAS, DRM, and multi DRM, also available 'as a service.'


End-To-End Security Management

Complete security ecosystem from content preparation through the video player; available on any Pay TV, satellite, cable, OTT, IPTV, Cloud or on-premise network.


Battle video piracy

Fight illegal streaming with VO's proven Anti-Piracy Services that identify the source of piracy and initiate effective countermeasures.



Rest assured - customers around the world and major studios have put their trust in VO's security solutions and services for over two decades. 

Protect the distribution of live, near-live
and on demand content, on all connected devices.

Content Protection Highlights

Secure Video Player
VO Player provides a unified, superior quality of experience across small, medium and large TV screens in compliance with content owners’ security requirements.
DRM Solutions
End-to-end, DRM content protection solutions for connected devices; scalable and rapidly deployed solution for IPTV or OTT content protection.
CAS Solutions
VO’s card and cardless solutions with integrated analytics can be deployed on any Pay TV, satellite, cable, OTT, IPTV, Cloud or on-premise network. 
CAS & DRM as a Service
Complete content protection, including CAS, DRM, and anti-piracy — all provided as a service.
Anti-Piracy Center
VO's comprehensive Anti-Piracy Services provide a complete protection against all types of video piracy, including Web piracy, illegal IPTV, apps and STBs, as well as password sharing and breach of infrastructure.

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