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VO SecurePlayer 

The challenge

Secure Video Distribution for Connected Devices

VO's Secure Player is a multi-platform media player SDK that incorporates digital rights management (DRM) for premium VOD and live content. The secure player is available for Android™ and iOS® tablets and smartphones. Utilizing Connected Sentinel Player’s implementation of Microsoft® PlayReady® content access technology, a DRM platform approved by all major Hollywood studios, this unique solution allows service providers to deliver branded services to all types of connected mobile devices with a very short time-to-market.


VO Secure Player

Connected Sentinel Player

Extensible Playback Capabilities

• Streaming protocols for Live and VOD: HLS, Smooth Streaming, and MPEG-DASH
• Progressive download and local playback: MP4, envelope MP4, and clear and protected ISMV
• Operating Systems: Android 4 and above and iOS 8.0 and above
• Hardware acceleration: Utilized when available on the device
• Closed captions and subtitles: CEA 608/708, WEBVTT, TTML, SRT, SMI, SUB
• Audio: Multiple tracks or languages

To learn more about VO's Secure Player, watch this webinar: Ensuring Content  Protection on Multiple Mobile Devices

Anti-Hacking, Security and Robustness Shield

Connected Sentinel Player security relies on several security mechanisms to prevent hackers from cloning the secure players on other devices, getting access to content encryption keys, getting access to video in clear. Components of the Connected Sentinel Player are protected with elements such as secure storage, encryption functions, sensitive code and data obfuscation, and code integrity checks. These technologies enable service providers to disable the application and revoke all content licenses in case of abuse or hacking. Security features include device rooting and jail-breaking detection, output protection level control and application personalization and registration.

Implementation and Deliverables

To ensure rapid implementation Viaccess-Orca provides detailed documentation includes release notes, an integration guide, building instructions and an API help file. VO provides access to extended test suite containing a full range of protected content and licenses. The test suite is available to customers and related third party vendors throughout the duration of the implementation.


  • Immediately expand your market – address the massive subscriber base of smartphones and tablets
  • Extend your brand – easily integrated with existing application and GUI
  • Superior video playback, optimized for mobile devices
  • Quick and easy deployment – through the Android Play or iOS iTunes® markets
  • Supports all common video formats and streaming protocols
  • Full localization support with subtitles and multi-audio
  • Robust security for quick content owners approval


  • Utilizing the latest version of Microsoft PlayReady Content Access Technology
  • Supports all Apple iOS and all Google Android devices
  • Adaptive Bitrate Streaming support: HTTP Live Streaming, Smooth Streaming and MPEG-DASH
  • Supporting most common and newest A/V codecs

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