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DRM Solutions - Connected Sentinel 

Content Security

Connected Sentinel is successfully audited by the Merdan Group

The challenge

In this age of diversity of Pay TV services, protecting premium content distribution and consumption is becoming increasingly complex.

In order to create a rich and differentiated offering, content service needs to support a wide variety of business models. Maintaining a position of trust with content owners requires intricate rights management and protection of content; from distribution through consumption across every device type.

Manage rights – enforce complex rights schemes based on device type, number of streams, views, geography and more

Protect content – prevent content theft during delivery across managed and especially unmanaged networks as well as during consumption, using off-the-shelf consumer devices

Provide on-going security – in order to protect revenues and establish a position of trust with content owners, it is mandatory to proactively combat piracy

Support multiple DRM technologies – interoperability with 3rd party DRM solutions is critical for success with the proliferation of client devices

Drm Solutions - Connected Sentinel

Connected Sentinel is E2E multi-DRM platform which can be deployed as stand-alone or as part of VO’s Voyage - TV Everywhere solution. On the back-end side Connected Sentinel platform ensures a Digital Rights Management (DRM) that supports as VO’s proprietary DRM technology as Microsoft PlayReady, Google Widevine and Apple Fairplay. As far as front-end is concerned the Premium content service providers can distribute securely content using Connected Sentinel agent on STBs or Connected Sentinel secure player on tablets and smartphones running using our proprietary DRM, as well as Microsoft PlayReady.

Connected Sentinel solution addresses all type of devices including those embedding a Trusted Execution Environment (TEE). TEE is an operating system, enabling enhanced security services on ARM-based chipset delivering HD content to mobile devices.

Connected Sentinel solution supports a rich set of business models including live TV, subscriptions, on-demand rental in streaming or download, electronic sell-through (EST) and more. By leveraging adaptive streaming protocols such as MPEG-DASH, Microsoft SmoothStreaming and HLS (HTTP Live streaming), users enjoy the optimal video quality based on any network conditions and on any device type.

Connected sentinel DRM agent is pre-integrated on STBs, based on a secure, VO-approved, chipset, which includes a secure boot and a secure video path. This robust implementation complies with content owners’ requirement for HD video rendering in 1080p ensures best-in-class content protection for IPTV & OTT services

The Connected Sentinel Player is a secure player also available as an SDK. The Player integrates seamlessly with any iOS or Android application and supports by default VO Connected Sentinel DRM, as well as Microsoft PlayReady DRM.

A smooth live TV experience is achieved with Connected Sentinel through optimal channel zapping time and by eliminating the bottleneck effect in license acquisition. This experience adheres to regulatory requirements.


Protect - Deploy best-in-class protection based on device type. A Pre-Integrated Ecosystem - Accelerate deployment and ensure success by embracing a solution pre-integrated with a complete partner ecosystem, tailored to your needs Grow - Start out small, with a low up-front investment and scale as you grow leveraging the Connected Sentinel in a SaaS business model End-To-End - Complete an end-to-end solution by serving as a content protection module for TV Everywhere or TvaaS


  • Support of license pre-delivery
  • License bundle
  • Key rotation: content encryption can change every second without requiring a new
  • DRM license acquisition Parental control: managed within Connected Sentinel to meet TV regulatory requirements

Non-linear (for streaming or download)

  • Rental periods
  • Counter base (count playing times)
  • Subscription Gift

 Connected Sentinel Player (for IOS and Android)

  • Supports MPEG DASH, HLS, MS SmoothStreaming
  • Supports H264 main and baseline (HEVC in roadmap)
  • Supports audio codecs AAC-LC , HE AAC v1 ,HE AAC v2 ,AC-3 (Dolby digital) ,E-AC3 (Dolby digital+)
  • Play, pause, resume and seek
  • Multiple audio and subtitles
  • Output protection
  • Jailbreak and rooting detection
  • 3rd party security audit and studio approval

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