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Content Protection Managed Services - Expert Sentinel 

Content Security

With the launch of new TV platforms and services, the competitive pressure among Content Service Providers is increasing. In this highly competitive environment, time-to-market, resource productivity and business focus are key for the Providers.

The complexity of the pay TV platforms, and the content protection system in particular, requires the Providers to have internal experts who can manage the subscribers’ rights efficiently (bandwidth saving, fast delivery of entitlements/rights) and manage potential intrusion for piracy purposes.

Providers that want to concentrate on their core business may look to outsource the ongoing management of key business enablers, like content protection systems.  This gives them complete peace of mind.


Expert Sentinel

With this in mind, Viaccess-Orca’s CAS/DRM system - be it broadcast, IPTV or OTT - are available as a service hosted and managed by Viaccess-Orca.

The service consists of hosting, monitoring, maintaining and setting the parameters of the subscriber authorization system (SAS) and the DRM licenser, part of the operator’s CAS/DRM platform. VO assists the content service provider with the optimization of the rights management and guarantees the implementation of the subscribers’ rights as requested by the provider.

In this case, the provider limits the number of customer complaints and maintains their satisfaction.

Viaccess-Orca manages the rights process from three angles:

  • Subscription rights management: at the provider’s request, VO creates or modifies a commercial package or a customer’s subscription. Various pay TV business models are supported: pay-per-view, video-on-demand. VO provides a reactive and flexible service, particularly useful when the provider decides to launch promotional offers at short-notice. The end user rights are renewed for a period of time, usually every month, depending on the operator’s requirements.
  • Smart card management: some examples of this might be provider requests to invalidate a card, send specific data to the smart cards or update the geographical code area.
  • Viaccess-Orca’s hosting platform produces and broadcasts the Entitlements Management Messages (EMM) containing the rights

VO provides its clients with monthly statistics and dashboards including such information as hosting service availability, total number of requests, and customer figures per commercial offers.

In addition to the conditional access system, VO may also host and maintain the provider’s subscriber management system (SMS).  In this case, the provider operates its SMS through a remote, secure access.


  • A proven solution: more than 25% of Viaccess-Orca customers, no matter what their size or their delivery network, rely on VO hosting expertise and confidentiality.
  • A low total cost of ownership for optimal monetization: Low upfront investment as the service platform scales up as your customer count and buy-rate take off.
  • Reduced lead time to roll-out
  • Secure deployment operated by Viaccess-Orca experts
  • EMM and ECM bandwidth saving
  • Optimization for fast delivery of EMM

The challenges of illegal redistribution of Live and VoD content over the internet

Along with the new business opportunities  that OTT content delivery offered to Pay TV service providers it also brought to them a new head-ache- the pirates re streaming the premium content over the Internet using illegal means.

To fight this growing phenomena Viaccess-Orca has added a new  service into the offer of Expert Sentinel - the Anti-Piracy solution. Hosted in Cloud our service provides the non-stop tracking of the pirate sites on the Web and once identified the pursuit of these sites , using the set of latest sophisticated technological means -until they stop their practice


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