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RiGHTv - Service Delivery Platform

TV Solutions - Engagement 

The challenge – unified service platform for Hybrid TV, OTT and IPTV
 is changing.

The question is no longer “What’s on?” – It has transformed to “What do I want to watch?” and “Where do I want to watch it?” Today’s TV is hundreds of live TV channels and thousands of VOD, Catch Up, PVR, and 4K items. It is converged with the Web. TV is better, different, and exciting.

Over-the-top (OTT) TV has become the natural evolution path as the IPTV market matures providing a natural gateway diverse content delivery. While traditional linear TV still provides the backbone of home viewing, Over-the-Top TV represents a fundamental shift in the future of TV consumption models, personalization, interactivity and monetization of content- in the home and on the go.

The nature of OTT challenges the existing business models while providing a unique opportunity for innovative operators to establish their market presence and growth. As a new or established operator, this is your opportunity and your challenge.

If you want to survive and thrive in this highly competitive market space, you need an advanced service delivery platform that can help you launch your services quickly, secure your place in the market, differentiate your services and continually grow your business for long-term success. In a converged, multi-device, multi-network environment, you need a reliable, field-proven solution that engages your audience and consistently delivers a superior customer experience.



RiGHTv is a leading service delivery platform for content service providers delivering hybrid broadcast broadband/OTT services, pure OTT or IPTV. RiGHTv provides a comprehensive functionality-set enabling providers to deliver interactive TV services. RiGHTv includes:

  • Content Management
  • Customer Management: operators, subscribers and non-subscribers
  • Business Management
  • Customer Care

RiGHTv is based on a highly-customizable, scalable and open architecture featuring a rich set of advanced functions that can be implemented across a wide range of set-top boxes (STBs). It offers a rich set of APIs and plug-in based external interfaces providing operators and system integrators flexibility and control over the design, deployment and operation of their TV services.

RiGHTv empowers operators to offer a full array of interactive TV services including - live TV, video on demand (VOD), personal video recording (PVR) and content discovery. From Greenfield players to established national Telcos, RiGHTv has been successfully deployed by broadband network operators, web-TV and triple-play service providers worldwide.


  • VOD
 - Create and manage full video-on-demand and subscription VOD (SVOD) services that enable subscribers to order movies and programs from the comfort of home at any time. 
  • PVR
 - Deliver and manage a network-based (NPVR), client-based (CPVR) or hybrid (network/client) personal-video-recording service.
  • Advertising
 - Deliver targeted ads to the TV screen based on user profiles and content preferences as well as advanced analytical tools with pre-roll, post-roll and banner ads.
  • Content Discovery - Transform TV viewing into a fun, easy and fulfilling experience with VO COMPASS content discovery solution, which delivers personalized recommendations tailored to users' individual preferences, enabling quick and easy discovery of desirable TV content.
  • Promotions
 - Send targeted and personalized messages to subscribers promoting special campaigns and offers for new and existing services.
  • Gaming
 - Deliver single and multi-player games, one of the most popular interactive services, using a variety of flexible business models including subscriptions and pay per play.
  • Emergency Alert System
 - Provide a national, regional or local emergency alert system (EAS) that can broadcast security- or weather-related messages targeted to specific areas.

  • Operations & management
    • Third-party service hosting
 - Leverage the RiGHTv service delivery platform (SDP) to seamlessly integrate, launch and manage third-party services – such as gaming, TV-telephony convergence, and promotions.
    • Business management - 
Business tools for executing pricing, payment, bundling, and discount policies, as well as a Java-based API for subscriber administration integrated with CRM and billing systems.
    • Content management
 - Administration tools for automatic life-cycle management of on-demand assets, and EPG data uploading for live content.
    • Subscriber self-service - 
Independent subscriber self-service ordering and viewing TV packages and other services.
    • Reporting - 
Built-in reports highlight service usage and SUI preferences, enabling operators to better understand subscriber behavior as a basis for improved service offerings, promotions and advertising.
    • Subscriber user interface
 - An attractive TV-based user interface, offered over a wide range of STBs, delivering user-friendly viewing and unleashing the rich RiGHTv functionality.
    • Converged SUI SDK
 - For branding purposes as well as the development and modification of applications, RiGHTv provides a SUI software development kit (SDK) facilitating user interface development for STBs, PCs and other IP-based devices.
    • Value-chain management
 - Central management of IPTV value-chain components such as video servers, encoders, and conditional access / digital rights management (CA/DRM) systems.
    • Wholesale business model - 
Operators can leverage RiGHTv to enable other service providers to deliver IPTV with their own look-and-feel, service portfolios, pricing models and business management.


  • Launch - With a rich functionality set and flexible architecture; including an advanced Software Development Kit (SDK), RiGHTv enables rapid development, implementation, and dramatically reduces the time-to-market for creating new, customized Hybrid TV, OTT and IPTV services.
  • Deliver - RiGHTv is a reliable, high-availability Telco-grade platform with superior scalability and advanced management capabilities promoting consistently high quality of experience (QoE).

  • Differentiate - The ever-expanding selection of VO and 3rd party applications enables operators to continuously upgrade their offering with latest next-generation features and services to stay ahead of the competition and increase customer satisfaction.

  • Grow - RiGHTv empowers operators to enter new, evolving markets leveraging expanded solutions that combine the DTH/ DTT broadcast services with Broadband / OTT networks in hybrid DVB/IP configurations and multi-device environments.

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