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Cloud TV - TV as a Service (TVaaS) 

TV Everywhere - End to End 

All You Need To Manage a Complete TV Service in the Cloud

TV Everywhere services are increasingly demanded by the consumer, but establishing them takes significant time and upfront investment. Setting up a complex system for TV Everywhere can be a big challenge, which includes technical integrations efforts of various components, business agreements signed by various 3rd party partners etc. 

Cloud TV - TV as a Service (TVaaS)

A complete cloud-based solution has three distinct advantages over on-premises systems:

Business Agility Many operators deploying TV Everywhere (TVE) services are initially countering the threat of cord-cutting and the constantly-evolving demands of consumers in the face of technological change. Using a cloud-based service ensures that not only is initial deployment swift, allowing them to begin monetizing multi-screen content almost immediately, but that subsequent iterations can adapt to fast-evolving business and consumption models.

Launch Fast, Invest as you Grow
Multi-screen TV projects are characterized by complex integration processes involving multiple components, many from different vendors, that can take one or two years to complete while requir-ing significant Capex investment. An Opex-based cloud service, by contrast, provides a lower risk, lower upfront costs, and significantly faster Time to Market.

Focus on core business/ strategy
Running a TV platform in the cloud enables operators to focus on their core business and unique differentiators. They can concentrate their resources and energies on content acquisition, service management, UX, customer engagement and marketing rather than building datacenters and op-erating technology platforms.

Find out more - download the whitepaper: 
TV Everywhere as a Service: Meeting Video Challenges with Greater Agility



VO TVaaS is a complete TV Everywhere platform readily available in the cloud.

Easy and effective service management

  • A comprehensive/ complete service management encompassing content, services, cus-tomers, devices and recommendations management from a single pane of glass
  • Build and launch new services in a few clicks
  • Promote new offerings to customer segments and incentivize loyal subscribers
  • Manage sets of content items in bulk

Advanced customers engagement and personalization

  • Engage with your audience using a range of operational marketing tools and analytics
  • A highly personalized user experience with effortless discovery of relevant, compelling content
  • Send notifications on recommended content, deals, new packages etc.
  • Advanced recommendation engines and personalization across devices, including traditional TV

Uncompromised security

  • Security for premium content, developed in-house with 20 years of track record
  • Includes VO’s market-leading DRM technology to protect content, as well as other leading DRM
  • technologies such as Microsoft Playready and Google Widevine
  • Responsive to new security threats 

Flexible and competitive offering

  • Leverage frequent feature rollouts to answer evolving market demand
  • Optimize ROI with comprehensive selection of business models
  • Support your growing business with cloud scaling


An enhanced user experience

Deliver free and protected premium content live — in addition to VOD and catch-up content — on any screen: Connected TV’s, Smartphones, Tablets, Computers, Game consoles

Provide consistency on all devices

  • Seamless pause-resume functionality allows users to start watching on one device and continue from another
  • Recordings can be initiated from any device
  • Settings, favorites, wish lists and user preferences are maintained on all devices
Create a personalized experience for every user
  • Present personalized content recommendations
  • Allow users to create a personal profile with preferences
  • Enable social TV activity — users can recommend content to friends and buy it for them
  • Advanced search and explore capabilities make finding content simple
  • Access our SDK API’s and develop your own user interface


Get Your Service Up and Running Fast

1. Plan Your Offering
What content are you selling and how

2. Set Up Your Content
Upload your on-demand content and set up your live channels

3. Deliver!
Start delivering and monetizing high-quality TV content on any device.

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