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Virtual Reality

TV Everywhere - End to End

Producing, distributing and monetizing Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality is one of the most trending topics of recent times. Billions have been invested in getting the technology market-ready, with most major content and service providers currently undertaking trials in virtual reality broadcast and some of the biggest names in the consumer electronics space jockeying for position in the headset market. For operators, the inclusion of 360-degree video, 360 streaming and 360 distribution, will be a powerful differentiator in OTT offerings to consumers, especially when it comes to live content. However, while the infrastructure upgrades required for live 360 streaming of content are relatively minor, there are some significant production challenges distributed through the value chain that have to be overcome, not least because an extremely high quality 360-degree audiovisual stream is essential to maintaining the feeling of immersion for the viewer .


Virtual Reality

Viaccess-Orca has leveraged its expertise in content security and dealing with premium content to create an Online Video Platform (OVP) for any operators wishing to distribute high quality 360-degree live or on-demand content to multiple devices. Perfectly designed for VR streaming and VR distribution, it includes a multi-device, 360-degree secure player, multi-device apps (supporting both flat devices & HMDs) and a sophisticated content management & monetization platform.

Furthermore, thanks to a strong partnership with several leading companies involved in the rapidly evolving VR market, VO can also provide broadcasters with a turnkey end-to-end solution comprised of best of breed components to deliver live and on-demand 360-degree content to viewers with immediate effect.

With Virtual Reality live streaming of sports events set to ignite the VR market, we have also created a special instance of the OVP dedicated to sport, the Virtual Arena. This includes a multi-view camera and augmented statistics, and can mix live, VOD, 2D or 360-degree content, and more on the fly to create a truly immersive, high quality experience.


Thanks to Viaccess-Orca’s own leading technology and the work with its partners,  VR provides the following features:

Production: 360° video capture, sound capture, live or offline stitching

Post production: Audio & video synchronization, graphics overlay composition, audio composition

Content Preparation: Encoding & packaging content in the right format for the right devices

Content Management: Manage video and metadata assets, subscribers and their devices, content publishing.

Monetisation: Advertizing & Analytics platform. Manage your ads from our dedicated dashboard and get feedback on your customers’ usage.

Distribution: Distribute the content on multiple devices such as HMDs (Samsung Galaxy Gear, Cardboard), flat devices (tablets, smartphones ; android, iOS) and 360° player can be provided as a standalone componenet or with in a customizable application



Quality - the sense of immersion that can be created by high quality video supported by spatial audio, even in what can be considered to be first generation equipment, is astonishing. To preserve the suspension of belief necessary to maintain that level of immersion, however, demands high quality content delivered robustly at high frame rates. Virtual Arena ensures this by employing best of breed components and expertise at all points in the value chain, providing a holistic solution from 'glass to glass', from production to final viewing.

Interactivity -enhance the viewing experience with augmented statistics and multi-camera views, while our OVP also provides the ability to connect the real and the virtual worlds together by adding social media interaction into the virtual space.

Advertising - unlike other solutions, Virtual Arena is equipped right out of the box for monetizing VR content. Whether following the established paradigm in the shortform OTT space of pre-rolling separate content (albeit in this case specially created 360-degree video) or by insertion as a seamless element into the immersive experience itself, Virtual Reality presents a powerful new tool for advertisers. This is especially true when considering Business Intelligence.

Business Intelligence - never has the return path had more potential to reveal precisely what a viewer is watching at any particular time. Positional data provides insight, but operators need a system that can deal with the increased volume of data arriving at greater velocity, and which, gathered from multiple sources, also demonstrates greater variety as well.



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