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Connected Sentinel Player 


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Connected Sentinel Player is a secure player application, allowing VOD and live TV delivery to Android and iOS devices. It is deployed by various customers such as Singtel, Telecom Italia, TV2 Norway, Digiturk, TV4 Sweden and 'yes' Israel.
Connected Sentinel Player includes DRM for VOD and live content whether streamed or downloaded, enabling a compelling viewer experience. It is available either with Microsoft® PlayReady® or with VO’s proprietary DRM, and approved by all major Hollywood studios. 
“Viaccess-Orca has developed a range of effective content protection and anti-piracy technologies and earned a reputation as a leader in the multiscreen environment, all of which will enable us to deliver content more securely anytime, anywhere, and on any device”.
 Erkan Kara, Director, Innovative Technologies, Digiturk

For more information about the acquisition of "SecurePlayer" business line from Discretix, click here.


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