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Whitepaper Download: Adopting DASH & 
Multi-DRM for Video Delivery

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DASH_white_paper_400x400"This paper provides specific recommendations to help video providers manage the transition to multi-DRM and DASH smoothly and proactively as they set their service road maps toward the future."

Multiscreen video is a now reality that consumers enjoy every day. While it may not be perfect, today’s online video experience usually ‘simply works,’ and it often attains a level of quality that rivals traditional TV. But behind the scenes, the delivery of video to any device, anytime, anywhere, hasn’t been so simple. 

Google recently announced that it would be discontinuing the existing plug-in architecture of its Chrome browser and enforcing HTML5 EME. In September 2015, the transition will be complete, and it will have a huge impact: more than half of all video consumers on PCs use Chrome.

Because of the ways that different software vendors are addressing this situation, there’s a genuine possibility that in September, video providers who don’t migrate to EME for Chrome users will lose the ability to serve those end users. This can damage the video provider’s reputation.

Although these changes are a significant break from the past, in reality, they will help video providers create consistent video experiences across devices, reduce time-to-market and, and make it easier to deal with change. 


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