Hybrid TV

Blurring the lines to harmonize delivery

Until recently, television services were clearly separated and defined by the delivery network; cable, satellite and IPTV. Today, the lines have blurred to create 'hybrid TV'. Driving this trend are the introduction of the Hybrid Broadcast Broadband TV (HbbTV) standard, delivery of interactive TV services over the Internet (OTT) and worldwide deployments employing hybrid broadcast methods.

The HbbTV standard is the driving factor behind the incrasing acceptance of Hybrid-TV models across Europe and other geographies. HbbTV is an initiative that aims to harmonize the delivery of broadcast and broadband entertainment services to consumers through connected TVs or set-top boxes. Initiated by free-to-air broadcasters and major TV manufacturers, HbbTV is based on existing standards and relies on proven web technologies that allow entertainment providers to easily port and develop services on HbbTV compliant devices.

Leveraging the power and richness of HTML and JavaScript technologies, HbbTV enables content service providers to easily develop state-of-the-art user interfaces. With early adoption in France and Germany, the HbbTV is rapidly becoming the de-facto standard. In fact, the majority of TV sets introduced in 2011 to the European market are HbbTV compliant, and the majority of set-top box manufacturers have announced their support for the initiative.

Combining OTT & Broadcast
As over-the-top (OTT) services such as Hulu and Netflix gain market standing, content service providers are forced to react. By leveraging their existing relationships with premium content owners and reusing existing assets, they can transform the challenge into a business opportunity.

Content service providers can combat subscriber desertion and create incremental revenue streams by embracing OTT services as part of their service offering. Since the internet enables the providers to reach out to a larger audience outside of their subscriber base, they can attract occasional users and ultimately turn them into new subscribers.

Developed to address the specific needs of Content Service Providers, VO's Hybrid-TV solution provides the ability to easily and cost-effectively deliver an internet-enhanced TV experience to their subscribers.

Built on top of Viaccess-Orca CAS/DRM components, VO's solution enables content service to seamlessly deploy services such as over-the-top TV (OTT TV), VOD services, catch-up TV, e-news, shopping, and more. Leveraging the HbbTV standard, providers can offer next-generation EPG and social TV services, connected TVs and controlled set-top boxes via a single, web-based user interface.

The VO Hybrid TV solution enables Providers to:

  • Explore new Internet-enabled opportunities that deliver additional content
  • Leverage the economic benefits of standardization to reduce costs
  • Protect set-top box assets from malicious attacks with embedded anti-virus software

PC6 Smartcard — stay a step ahead of piracy with Viaccess-Orca's next-generation smartcard technology.

DRM Agent — state-of-the-art DRM technology protects and delivers VOD assets through progressive streaming and download technologies.

Trusted Set-Top-Box 2.0 – protects Pay- and broadcast-TV Provider business from control-word sharing and set-top box assets against malicious threats.

RiGHTv — a service delivery platform that operates in a hybrid environment. This platform manages and delivers services such as VOD, interactive advertising, EPG, Catch-Up TV and more and provides advanced reports and analytic tools.

COMPASS — a ground-breaking content discovery and recommendations platform enabling subscribers to find desirable live and VOD content in a world where the abundance of choice often adds complexity.

  • Protect - with Internet security a major concern for all, VO’s solution goes further to protect set-top box assets against piracy and malicious attacks via web browsers by enriching its trusted set-top box certification program.
  • Deliver - based on proven technology and open standards, VO's Hybrid TV solution securely delivers content to your subscribers' TV
  • Launch - create a complete Internet-enhanced Hybrid TV ecosystem that is fully interoperable with third-party value-added services.
  • Grow - provide the revenue generating entertainment options and expanded services your subscribers want.