Voyage - TV Everywhere Solution

Advancements in technology have changed the way we live. And now, they are changing the way we watch TV. In our highly connected world, content is instantly available from a multitude of devices. Where once television operators dictated what was available and when, viewers now demand the same personalized experience they’ve become accustomed to online. They want an intuitive, individualized TV experience.

Furthermore, viewers want their content to flow seamlessly from one screen to another — regardless of the device. Today, it’s all about the viewers’ choice and freedom.
By meeting your viewers’ demands and providing them with the experience they want, you can gain the market control you need.

Viaccess-Orca's Voyage - TV Everywhere solution responds to the market’s demands while addressing the challenges operators face.

Voyage offers a unified backend, along with an off-the-shelf suite of applications that create a secure, personalized and consistent user experience.

  • Personalized – intuitive, easy navigation customized for each screen, with integrated content discovery. Users can enjoy relevant and compelling content across their devices.
  • Support for managed and unmanaged (OTT) video delivery services – enabling end-to-end workflow management.
  • Advanced content and rights management – across all content types and device types, including usage of various video codecs and native DRM solutions.
  • A unique combination of Pay TV and IP video experience – Viaccess-Orca’s expertise guarantees a well-adapted solution, today and in the future.

Unified Service Platform — the solution's nerve center at the head-end
Voyage - TV Everywhere solution consists of four main modules that form today’s most advanced and comprehensive multi-screen TV service platform. Each module provides solution functionality while also responding to market challenges.

  • Content Management – prepares content in various formats; manages video and metadata assets, content distribution and publishing, while meeting content owners’ requirements.
  • Business Management – in addition to managing subscribers and their devices, this module enables customer service operations and management of varied business models, as well as offers reports and SUI analytics
  • Content Security – addresses a variety of security functions from the back office to the user’s screen, including content encryption, device authentication and license management, continuous network monitoring for piracy, and parental control features.
  • Content Discovery and Personalization – uses advanced algorithms and search technology to allow TV operators to recommend relevant content and personalize each user’s experience in an engaging way.

Voyage Apps - TV Everywhere Applications – the look and feel at the front-end
Voyage Apps deliver a personalized and secured TV experience to users through multiple devices. The apps harness the power of our Unified Service Platform to provide a highly personalized user experience and form a secure front-end.

Voyage Apps put the control in the hands of the operator. While many apps exist today in the market place for video content, our white-label apps enable operators to promote their content to subscribers, rather than any consumed content, with minimal resources.

The apps’ comprehensive marketing and content discovery platform enable operators to increase ARPU. The enhanced user experience is created by simple, easy navigation and effortless discovery of relevant, compelling content.

With the apps, content service providers can take control of the user experience and can leverage OTT video onto a multitude of devices, providing their customers a personal TV experience.
The apps deliver a consistent user experience across multiple screens while carefully adjusted to each type of device, in order to create an optimal experience.

An enhanced user experience
Deliver free and protected premium content live — in addition to VOD and catch-up content — on any screen: Connected TV’s, Smartphones, Tablets, Computers, Game consoles Provide consistency on all devices

  • Seamless pause-resume functionality allows users to start watching on one device and continue from another
  • Recordings can be initiated from any device
  • Settings, favorites, wish lists and user preferences are maintained on all devices

Create a personalized experience for every user

  • Present personalized content recommendations
  • Allow users to create a personal profile with preferences
  • Enable social TV activity — users can recommend content to friends and buy it for them
  • Advanced search and explore capabilities make finding content simple
  • Access our SDK API’s and develop your own user interface

Offering complete security and full compliance with content owner rights, Voyage allows you to:

  • Expand your service offering
  • Monetize multi-screen TV services through advanced business models
  • Respond to market demands
  • Increase subscriber loyalty




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