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IPTV Solution

TV Everywhere - End to End

In the dynamic IPTV market space, content service providers need to ensure that their business has the flexibility and versatility to quickly establish and deliver a wide variety of services. From VOD packages, to subscription VOD (SVOD), live pay-per-view, shifted TV, catch-up TV and customizable channel bouquets – creating the right IPTV business models to meet the needs of your target audience is essential in order to differentiate your brand and increase revenues.

Content is still king. It needs to be easily accessible to your subscribers, while protecting you assets against ever-present piracy attacks. Furthermore, in a fast-paced world, where subscribers' attention is a prize to be earned – presenting the right content selection at the right time is critical. In order to create a truly personalized and optimized user experience; one which drives interactions and promotes on-going engagement, you need a content discovery and recommendation platform as an integral component of your IPTV solution.
If you want to survive and thrive in this highly competitive market space, you need a versatile IPTV middleware solution that can help you launch your services quickly, secure your place in the market, expand your services and continually grow your business for long-term success. In a converged, multi-device, multi-network environment, you need a reliable, field-proven solution that can expand to deliver over-the-top (OTT) services over managed and unmanaged networks.


IPTV Solution

VO's IPTV solution provides the flexibility and scalability required to launch a new service quickly and cost-effectively and successfully support large-scale tier 1 deployments. The solution empowers content service providers to offer a full array of IPTV services – including live TV, video on demand (VOD), personal video recording (PVR)– driving revenues and growing the subscriber base.

The field proven solution has been successfully deployed by content service providers worldwide – from Greenfield players to established national Telco's. With a rich set of advanced functions and a pre-integrated eco-system, VO's IPTV provides end-to-end functionality; from encoders and video server (VS) to conditional access (CAS), content discovery & recommendations platform to content, subscriber and business management.

VO's IPTV Solution features a comprehensive content discovery & recommendations platform enabling content service providers to offer highly relevant, individualized options. The platform creates the right blend alternatives based on personal usage profiles, market trends, expert rankings and the operator's promotions. With built-in social TV, users can easily share recommendations with friends on Facebook.

VO's IPTV solution can be expanded into a TV Everywhere (TVE) solution enabling content service providers to create, deliver and protect OTT services over unmanaged networks. With the growing usage of mobile devices such as tablet PCs and smartphones, VO's solution empowers providers to leverage their existing premium content in order to promote loyalty by delivering enhanced customer experience and attract occasional, non-subscriber customers over the internet.


  • IPTV service delivery platform
  • STB including the Subscriber User Interface (SUI)
  • Encoders – for live stream ingestion
  • Video server – for VOD delivery
  • Content discovery & recommendations platform
  • Conditional access (CAS)


  • Create – with VO IPTV solution content service providers can expand their offering with a broad range of on-demand and live viewing packages.
  • Personalize - with an integrated content discovery & recommendations platform, providers are empowered to deliver a superior customer experience, extend engagement and enhance customer loyalty
  • Scale – the VO IPTV solution can be quickly and cost-effective launched. The solution is highly-scalable to support your growing business needs.
  • Manage – the solution provides easy-to-use, comprehensive business, customer and content management capabilities enabling you to run grow your business.

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