Deliver Next-Generation Hybrid Video Experiences on Android-TV and Scale Up Widevine CAS with VO's Holistic Security Solutions.


Offer an OTT and Hybrid experience

Provide a wide range of on-demand apps and integrate additional services, enabling aggregation of TV services and games, all within the service provider's branding.


Faster and faster

Minimize time to market with VO's professional teams who have vast experience with OTT solutions and hybrid environments.


Gain the entire ecosystem

Offer multiple app-based video services and compelling user experiences with VO's secure, holistic partnership ecosystem.

VO's security platform for Android TV is ranked by Major Studios, enabling you to offer a premium content experience to your subscribers.

Android TV Highlights

integrated content protection
Multi-DRM solution integrates Widevine DRM, and Widevine CAS for IPTV.
Android TV / VO DRM is available through the MediaDRM interface.
Advanced security services
Comprehensive protection against restreaming of high-value content
with multi-DRM solutions and additional security services.
Includes breach detection and password sharing control.
Dynamic Watermarking
Critical for Live and Sports Events, dynamic watermarking operates campaign management systems.
Detects content redistributed from broadcast, IPTV and OTT networks.
Identifies and closes the source of restreaming within seconds.

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