NRJ Mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) launched in November 2005 is now a major player in the cellular phone market. NRJ Mobile is 95% owned by Crédit Mutuel - CIC and NRJ Group by 5%.

NRJ Mobile commercialises offers that cover all the needs in mobile telephony: phone call, text, Web and mail ilimités.These offers are available both in the network Crédit Mutuel-CIC , as, in supermarkets and the usual networks of mobile telephony.NRJ Mobile is also the operator of Crédit Mutuel Mobile and CIC Mobile, who commercialize exclusive offers network of 4,500 branches CM - CIC for a wider customer base and associated with banking services and products.NRJ Mobile offers different types of packages: unlimited, secure, with no obligation, and rechargeable prepaid cards.



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