Televideocom is an established Internet and Networking Company in the ICT sector and plays a leading role in Italy in the research and design of innovative technology solutions for the development of integrated communications services and platforms on the Internet.

Founded as a provider of visual communication, in 2005 he became WISP (Wireless Internet Service Provider) and produces its own Internet Data Center. With the development of technological infrastructure and the experience and professionalism of its operations team Televideocom is now able to propose projects, solutions and services characterized by a high level of innovation and commitment to the principle of optimization for public and private companies of all sizes . The company boasts an operating office of over 2000 square meters, equipped with modern technologIical infrastructure and data centers in accordance with industry standards in terms of quality and safety, and provides a high connectivity capacity with a bandwidth of over 1 Gigabit.

Televideocom concentrates its resources in two areas of development and intervention: "Network Project Team" and "Multimedia Project Team."



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