UNE-EPM Telecommunications is a public company, fully owned by Empresas Publicas de Medellin (EPM) S.A.UNE provides information and communications technologies to its customers throughout Colombia, including Internet, broadband and fixed wireless services.

UNE is one of the largest companies in Colombia and its longstanding experience and support provide a competitive advantage for delivery of high quality services and the most advanced technology.

UNE is the first company in Colombia deploying IPTV and to date is the largest IPTV service provider in Latin America, with more than 140K subscribers despite the fact that Colombia is not considered to be one of the largest TV markets in the region.

UNE is also the largest Internet provider in Colombia with more than 800K subscribers and the second largest pay TV service provider in Colombia with more than 970K subscribers.



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Service Delivery Platform / IPTV Solution