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Defining and executing a piracy management strategy through cutting-edge technologies and services

Content piracy has evolved over the last few years with the democratization of IP-based video delivery. Pirates have found ways to bypass traditional content protection technologies, redistribute and monetize pirated content.

Broadcasters face pressure to increase subscribers and ensure revenues, avoid churn, protect their brand reputation, and comply with rights holders’ content protection requirements. On the other hand, licensing pictures or events on an exclusive basis has proven to be more and more challenging for rights holders due to rampant piracy. Ignoring piracy is not an option: The need for an efficient and personalized anti-piracy strategy is critical.

This webinar presents a set of cutting-edge services addressing current piracy threats, dynamic and tailored to broadcaster and rights holder requirements. By relying on experts and on specialized tools, such as dynamic watermarking, DRM, breach detection, and password-sharing identification, broadcasters can anticipate piracy risks and instantly react, identify the source of piracy and take counteractions. A discussion on why media companies should build a piracy management strategy and how it can be supported by a content protection leader has been held during this webinar.

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