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Strongly committed to research and innovation, VO has a long track record of being at the forefront of technology and business innovation, working for the benefit of our customers - and for their viewers.

VO’s innovation approach always strives to find the sweet spot between rich, state-of-the-art video experiences, operational excellence, solution cost-efficiency and sustainable technology designs.

Our cloud, data and AI expertise is fueling innovation across VO’s entire product lines, enabling service providers to deliver outstanding viewing experiences, improve monetization, and secure their content.

We are also committed to transposing the unique know-how acquired over the years in the fields of embedded security and data analytics to emerging industries, many of which are facing similar issues already solved by the TV/video industry.


How We’re Empowering Growth-Driven Innovation:

  • Data-driven, next gen solutions: powered by AI, including Targeted TV Advertising, Anti-Piracy Center. and Super Aggregation
  • Industry 4.0 supply chain security: Viaccess-Orca is a pioneer in the field of digital asset distribution and traceability for Industry 4.0 use cases, leveraging its 20 years of experience in designing, developing, and operating digital content security systems towards setting the standard for secure additive manufacturing.
  • Green streaming: VO is dedicated to the Orange Group zero carbon footprint by 2040 commitment, working towards a sustainable media architecture for TV content delivery in terms of carbon neutrality, tooling, and methodology.

  • An active contributor to the NESTED collaborative project, VO is accelerating the move towards greener streaming in its product roadmap and setting the standard for energy efficient streaming through a green E2E video platform and cloud native approach.

Standardization: VO actively endorses industry standardization and open innovation, and is involved in various industry collaborations across both the TV / video market, as well as the industry 4.0 one, including serving as a member of the 3MF consortium, HbbTV, OPC foundation, DASH Interoperability Forum, and Streaming Video Alliance among others.

Future video formats, transport standards and delivery architectures:
An active partner in the VRTogether industry consortium, VO is constantly exploring enrichments to its playback infrastructure, notably in the areas of VR/360 experiences Research projects include real-time communication, interactive remote collaboration, scaling the technology to large audiences, and promoting widespread adoption through innovation in media formats.

In addition, VO and its industrial partners are working towards the development of new video standards for enhanced delivery and the convergence of unicast and multicast broadcasting into a full 5G ecosystem.

shutterstock_2112787208Why VO?

  • Global provider to millions of customers and devices
  • Large ecosystem of partners and integration plugins
  • Microservices architecture for quick Time-To-Market
  • Legacy compatible multiple pre-integrated ecosystems
  • Agile & unified service management console
  • Over 25 years of industry experience
  • Trusted by the world’s leading brands