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February 11, 2020

Mobile World Congress 2020 Exhibitor Preview

Feb. 24-27
Demonstrating the VO Anti-Piracy Center in the
Orange Stand 3K10

Video consumption on mobile devices is on the rise. For operators looking to monetize their mobile video offerings, key priorities include meeting the demand for personalized TV Everywhere services, delivering content recommendations, and addressing new forms of video piracy. To succeed in the mobile world, operators need solutions that are open, flexible, and compatible with other technologies; that can quickly adapt to the evolving TV landscape; keep premium content safe; and address consumers’ privacy concerns.

At MWC 2020, Viaccess-Orca (VO) will showcase its Anti-Piracy Center, which solves the inherent security challenges involved with providing a smarter and safer digital TV and OTT experience.

Fight Piracy Smarter With VO’s Anti-Piracy Center 

The nature of piracy is changing. Operators need to react instantly to security threats, especially when delivering premium video content and live sports events. At MWC 2020, VO will demonstrate its Anti-Piracy Center, a comprehensive set of security services that enable operators to fight piracy from every point of attack ­by assessing the security, monitoring the threats, identifying the source of piracy, and taking counteractions.

With its Anti-Piracy Center, VO’s security experts combat premium content restreaming on behalf of operators. From its operating center, VO monitors and prevents pirates from hacking the content distribution chain, starting with the service delivery platform to the end-user device.

As a managed service, VO’s Anti-Piracy Center eliminates the need for operators to invest in complicated technologies or to constantly train security teams. VO has conducted studies which clearly show the ROI of anti-piracy campaigns in the context of huge investments in exclusive content rights, such as soccer games rights.

Attendees at MWC 2020 will see the complete range of services that the Anti-Piracy Center provides, including device assessment, dynamic watermarking, an intrusion-detection system, and password-sharing identification, leveraging the latest advancements in AI and data analytics to fight piracy.

Deliver Low-Latency, Live Content on All Devices With VO’s Secure Video Player

Today’s operators need to reach a wide range of viewers, offer truly differentiating user experiences, and protect content from hackers. Keeping this in mind, VO will showcase how to reduce latency during live streaming with the VO secure video player, at the DVB Stand 7A3. The VO player, a multiplatform player integrated with major DRMs for premium VOD and live content, allows operators to provide a compelling and unified viewing experience, with low latency, across OTT devices.

VO’s secure player is a one-stop shop solution that is supported across multiple platforms and operating systems including mobiles, desktops, the web, smart TVs (including support of Android TV, Web OS, and Tizen), STBs, Android, Android TV, iOS, tvOS, Microsoft Windows® and MacOS®. By supporting all of the latest streaming standards, it ensures operators can deliver OTT experiences with low live latency, fast zapping time, responsive scrubbing, successful ad insertion deployment, as well as support for React Native which gives a key differentiator advantage to app development companies. The player includes sophisticated DRM with anti-debugging, anti-tampering, and other security features, keeping content safe from hackers.

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