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VO's DRM Solutions & Services -
Protect your premium content and your business

VO’s DRM agnostic content protection enables secure distribution and rights management of Live, VOD catch-up and replay video content.

Gain a trusted partner

VO is a best-of-breed security provider, engaged with operators around the world in their fight against content piracy inside and outside their network. VO’s solutions are trusted by customers and major studios.

Multi-DRM backend and DRM solutions

Rapidly deploy Widevine, FairPlay, PlayReady and VO DRM licenses from a unified backend on-premise or ‘as a service’ in the cloud.

Unified Broadcast, IPTV and OTT solution

Manage user rights and protect your content with a comprehensive security solution that covers all your distribution networks.

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Digital Rights Management – anytime, anywhere

  • Tier1-Grade Content Security

    Single content authority enabling premium UHD/4K service delivery
    High license delivery rate up to 1000 licenses per second

  • Multi-screen, Multi-level Secure Experience

    Includes 3 levels of security according to device capabilities and content security requirements

  • End-To-End Security Management

    Integrated with VO’s secure video player to ensure a secure content delivery and playback path

Multiple DRM Support

Handles license requests from all devices types with Widevine, FairPlay, PlayReady and VO DRM

Flexible and Scalable

Designed for Tier3 to Tier1 operators; includes peak management, key rotation and parental control

Advanced Analytics

Enable data collection and analysis to counteract piracy and update device security  

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Collaborate with security experts who have a proven track record

Viaccess-Orca supports its customers with complete, secure management of their TV services, from initial deployment through a lifetime of service delivery.

  • Track and destroy

    Anti-piracy services identify web platforms that illegally stream your content, then counteracts by dereferencing the links

  • Monitoring

    Constant monitoring of devices and platforms to detect intrusions or attempted attacks

  • Detect and fight back

    Embedded cybersecurity mechanisms incorporate breach detection that enables counter-action


Assist with security planning and requirements

Why VO Multi-DRM solution?

  • In-house development of crypto-algorithms 
  • Smart peak management lowers the cost of infrastructure
  • Pre-delivery of licenses to enables offline viewing.
  • Key rotation and chained licenses to increase security level
  • Parental control
  • Multi-DRM integration
  • Integrated with VO’s secure video player
  • Ability to counter-act piracy
  • Ranked by Cartesian for major studios



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