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VO Secure Video Player -
A Premium Player for a Fragmented World

VO’s secure video player is a multi-platform media player that incorporates VO’s multi-DRM for VOD, live and catch-up content, whether streamed or downloaded.

Premium User Experience

Provide a truly outstanding video experience across all devices

Short Time to Market

Ensure rapid integration with TV applications, and obtain fast approval from the studios for content sourcing

Trusted and Proven

Whether integrating legacy systems or launching new services, VO’s team is with you all the way, with professional advice and experience

Deliver consistent, high-quality video experiences

  • Same protocol, same DRM, same behavior

    Solve multiscreen fragmentation for Android and Web

  • Differentiating video features

    Scrubbing, low live latency and HD quality perception @1Mbps

  • Offline support

    Download streaming contents and store locally for later playback, in compliance with the content owner’s security requirement

  • Analytics

    Control and optimize QoE and QoS

  • Unified experience across all platforms

    Android, Android TV, Fire TV, iOS, tvOS, OS-X, Tizen, WebOS, Windows

Protect content with an ultra-secure media player

  • All components of the VO Player are protected

    Advanced built-in tools and algorithms protect premium content

  • Hollywood studio compliance

    VO’s content protection expertise enables HD/UHD mass market deployment

  • Advanced security mechanisms

    Content protection measures prevent hackers from cloning the secure player on other devices, accessing content encryption keys, or getting access to video

Protect content from illegal redistribution

Screen recording detection during playback, screen casting detection following DRM rights, TV screen connection detection, or virtual machine detection

  • VideoShield

    Extends the protection from the core DRM throughout the entire video flow up to the screen

  • Security analytics

    Monitors forbidden behaviors or malicious attempts

Advertising: enable monetization opportunities

    • Utilize advanced ad insertion capabilities for VOD and ad replacement for Live on all platforms
    • Offer seamless transition between ads and content
    • Provide interoperability and robustness across ad servers

See how easily you can expand your legacy services with OTT and create outstanding TV experiences.
Read more: http://www.voplayer.tv 

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