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Distributing and Monetizing 360˚ Video in Virtual Reality

From the initial gamer-only enclaves, to mainstream sports and live events, Virtual Reality (VR) is definitely cool and trending. Consumers are demanding more creative immersive experiences, and premium content service providers require a solution that allows them to provide high quality 360˚ video content at scale, and the means to monetize it. VR Head-Mounted Device (HMD) availability and consumer acceptance of the technology are also promoting the uptake in VR solutions.

The inclusion of 360˚ video will be a powerful differentiator in OTT offerings to consumers, especially when it comes to live content.

VR Challenges

High resolution video and audio

In today’s OTT environment, premium content service providers are looking beyond what’s being watched via set top boxes, encompassing everything from smartphones to tablets. For premium content service providers to deliver premium VR/360° content, the video resolution must be exceptional, such as UHD/4K today, 8K tomorrow, while maintaining appropriate bandwidth requirements. Higher resolution video and audio also has to be delivered on a variety of devices, yet the definition of open standards for VR technology.

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Monetization and content protection

Because of the high costs of producing premium quality experiences, premium content service providers must find ways to monetize their offerings to help offset these expenses. This may start with implementing content protection mechanisms (such as DRM) adapted to the VR constraints.

Ad-based monetization

With regards to ad-based monetization, VR is well adapted for product placement (2D or 3D objects), as the experience can be individualized so that ads become part of the experience. As data collected from VR devices’ multiple sensors is leading to an explosion in volume, variety and velocity, premium content service providers require a scalable analytics platform that addresses viewers’ requirements for greater privacy and safe data management. Ensuring that premium content service providers can successfully monetize immersive TV experiences requires not only data-driven monetization capabilities, but also knowledge of the changing market and legal requirements.

VR Benefits

Partnering with a technology vendor that enables a smarter and safer TV experience is critical.

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Virtual Arena - an Award Winning VR Solution

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One of the most advanced solutions for premium, 360° video streaming (live and on-demand), VO’s Virtual Arena offers a comprehensive, best-of-breed solution for delivering and monetizing content on multiple devices, including flat screens and head-mounted displays. This solution has already been recognized for two awards, most recently winning Best Innovation in Immersive Content Creation at TV Connect 2017, and previously the Best Virtual Reality Innovation (CSI Award 2016).

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Virtual Arena - Premium Immersive Experience

Viaccess-Orca’s Virtual Arena sets the standard for 360° video quality. Coupled with business analytics and targeted advertising, it constitutes the best solution for monetizing premium immersive experiences on every screens (HMDs as well as flat devices).

The VO Player, already used by millions of users all over the world, is the core component of the Virtual Arena solution. It is compliant with the most popular transport protocols like Dash and HLS, and pre-integrates with advanced 360° video distribution techniques like tile-based streaming allowing users to reach the highest resolution at reasonable bitrates. 

The VO Player also supports spatial audio based on Ambisonic’s technology, providing sound up to the fourth order. It delivers advanced binaural synthesis and low latency head tracking for best-in-class performance. Content protection is embedded in VO’s DNA, therefore the VO Player delivers the utmost level of security as in all of VO’s line of premium video content solutions.

In particular, the all-inclusive security chain provided by VO leverages its unique experience in dealing with Hollywood Majors’ requirements.

Virtual Arena - Extending to a Complete Best-of-Breed Solution

Virtual Arena - Extending to a Complete Best-of-Breed Solution

To extend the Virtual Arena to a fully-comprehensive solution, it has been pre-integrated with a rich ecosystem of partners. VR/360° video content service providers can thereby benefit from a first-class turnkey solution including on-site capture, production and post production, content preparation and management, monetization and content distribution on multiple platforms. Tailored for live events, this unique VR solution provides first-rate experiences for all video consumption modes, in particular multi-user experiences enriched with social interactions.

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