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Football Tournament 2018
Anti-Piracy Report  #2

Viaccess-Orca presents three reports that are dedicated to measuring and analyzing
illegal streaming during the Russia 2018 football matches. 
The reports provide detailed facts and figures about the number of illegal streams, host domains, links and more.

The second report includes statistics about illegally hosted domains, social media traffic and more for the last series of matches and focuses on the key role of VPN and game platforms. Two interviews look at online responsibility in the light of the future EU copyright directive and at the connection between counterfeit and piracy.

To download the first report click here.

These special edition reports are directed by:

 Christine Maury Panis                                            Renaud Presty pic                                          Kevin_Le-Jannic_circle

Christine Maury Panis,  EVP                      Renaud Presty                           Kevin Le Jannic
General Counsel and Security            Director of Security               Product Manager, Security



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