Panel Session: "Fighting Sports Content Piracy" (IBC 2014)

The Panel "Fighting Sports Content Piracy" took place at IBC 2014 (Amsterdam), with:

Steven Hawley - Analyst and Consultant at TV Strategies (Moderator)

Aditya Aditya - Senior Broadcast Rights Manager at International Olympic Committee (IOC)

Alex Terpstra - CEO at Civolution FranFrançois Moreau de Saint Martin - CEO at Viaccess-Orca

Watch the panel and learn about:

-Piracy of live content, focusing on sports and its challenges

-The changing paragigm of content piracy: over the internet - via streaming or P2P networks

-CEO Anti-Piracy tactics: Watermarking, fingerprinting, audience measurement, legal actions, etc.

-Social media, boon or bane in relation to piracy?

-The "New Pirate" profile

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