Keeping an Eye on Live Streaming Privacy

Keeping an Eye on Live Streaming Privacy

Live redistribution of content over the Internet is becoming an increasing problem for content service providers and content owners as the technology becomes easier and easier to operate. The Internet has facilitated streaming of high-quality video content, making it simpler and cheaper to consume content, including live TV.

The number of people taking advantage of these practices has been increasing worldwide, making this a major issue for content service providers. Today’s pirates have figured out how to pay for one legal subscription and send the content to others through multiple illegal retransmissions. This leaves service providers and content owners competing with illegal services that offer the same content at a much lower cost.

During this webinar Viaccess-Orca (VO) will explore this new trend of piracy, focusing on how it impacts the sports content business, as well as how it can be monitored, counter measured, and stopped to secure the content providers’ revenues with VO’s Eye on Piracy security service.

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