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Discover how Viaccess-Orca Secure Production Environment (SPE) provides peace of mind across the connected Industry 4.0 supply chain.



As the production environment becomes ever more digital with Additive Manufacturing (AM), CNC machining, robotics and industrial automation, the value of data has increased immeasurably. Data now drives the modern industry 4.0 enabled factory. With such importance and value, it is vital that the transfer of data between organisations is both secure and traceable.



VO SPE is a digital asset distribution and traceability solution for use across the Additive Manufacturing (AM) supply chain. It ensures that companies wanting to use AM for high value or critical applications have the means of controlling, tracking and tracing data transactions across their suppliers. VO SPE enables companies both making and using AM parts to attain the highest levels of cybersecurity standards and certifications.



Irrespective of sector or application, any organisation looking to profit from AM adoption must also protect themselves from the commercial risks associated with data corruption, infringement of intellectual property or the commercial misuse of data within the supply chain, such as the overproduction of parts. The ability to demonstrate robust data management is therefore vital and will become mandatory for critical supply chains operating in the aerospace, medical, energy and transport sectors amongst others.

Without the ability to show robust digital traceability, regulators and underwriters in the aerospace, medical, energy and transport sectors will limit which AM products and assemblies can enter the supply chain.

Secure Benefits of VO SPE

Securing The Intellectual Property of Data
From CAD to build file to part.
Identifying And Preventing Corrupted Data
Within the supply chain.
A Manageable And Scalable Production Right Management Solution
Preventing Overproduction Or Production BY NON-ACCREDITED SUPPLIERS
Providing A Secure Data Repository
For design data, supply chain information, materials and build-log data along with post-processing information, enabling an irrefutable digital twin.

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