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VO Player for Desktop

Advanced Capabilities unavailable in HTML5 Players

  • Prevents screen capture and screen recording
  • Blocks outputs according to DRM information
  • Offers offline viewing
  • Supports watermarking and fingerprinting
  • Detects that it is running in a Virtual Machine and blocks the video playback to avoid illegal redistribution of the content over the Internet
  • Upgrades of the solution can be automatic and silent
  • VO Player manages a unique identifier per machine (whereas HTML5 players struggle to provide unique identifiers per web browsers).
  • Manages a unique identifier per machine (whereas HTML5 players struggle to provide unique identifiers per web browsers) and is able to handle device revocation
  • Supports Widevine or PlayReady everywhere, including Safari on MAC

Embedded within web browsers, also a stand-alone application

  • Keeps existing websites and in parallel solves browser fragmentation
  • Once installed, the link between the web page and the player application is automatically set, so that the video playback can be launched from any browser, with one stream and one DRM for all browsers
  • Supports all web browsers, even the exotic ones: Chrome, IE, Edge, Safari, Firefox, Opera, CocCoc, etc.
  • Enables easy development of branded, stand-alone applications that are directly available from the desktop of your subscribers

Provides a unified visual experience across mobiles and desktops

  • Ensures a unified experience across mobiles and desktops by reusing the same back-end and streams as for Android and iOS, since the VO Player shares the same player core on iOS, Android, PC and MAC
  • Offers your subscribers the support of offline viewing and multitasking Picture in Picture, especially on web browsers  


Protect your ad revenues

VO Player is anti ad blocker - by design.