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Virtual Reality Solutions

How can I engage viewers around premium immersive video experiences?

Viaccess-Orca defines the gold standard for premium 360º video experiences in Virtual Reality coupled with advanced monetization capabilities.
VR solutions

No Worries

Benefit from the most trustworthy platform for premium live and on-demand streaming TV services. VO’s Virtual Arena and its playback technology foundation the VO Player, can be deployed on any platform, HMD as well as flat devices.

content monetization


Leverage top-quality business analytics and targeted advertising to monetize premium immersive experiences. Effortlessly manage campaigns with a single pane of glass. Leverage targeted ads, recommendations and more with a high level of customization.

360-degree video

Deliver Premium
Customizable Experiences

Utilize the most advanced technologies for video and audio decoding. You’ll be able to customizable VR applications that have embedded interactivity features such as audio chat, sharing via social media, online and offline statistics and multi-camera view.

VO’s Virtual Reality solutions leverage targeted ads, recommendations and more with highly customizable product placement as interactive, clickable 3D objects, or ad banners.

Virtual Reality Highlights

VO's Virtual Arena platform incorporates the VO Player, a 360º Player that is available as an SDK to be integrated into a downloadable application

Compliant with the most popular transport protocols (Dash, HLS) and video codecs (AVC, HEVC)

Pre-integrates with advanced 360º video distribution techniques like tile-based streaming, allowing users to reach the highest resolution at reasonable bitrates

The VO Player supports spatial audio based on Ambisonic's technology, providing sound up to the fourth order; delivers advanced binaural synthesis and low-latency head tracking for best-in-class performance

The VO Player delivers premium video content protection with VO’s content protection services known and trusted to meet Hollywood Majors’ requirements
VO's Virtual Arena application enhances the quality of the immersive experience and enhancing the video streams (including live streams) with overlay, statistics (as in sports events) or social features

Monetization platform enables recoup of investment in production of high-quality video experiences through a variety of business models such as advertising, subscription, pay per view and more

Offers advanced data collection from multiple device sensors and Heatmaps that highlight where users are gazing

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