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July, 3, 2013

Viaccess-Orca Addresses Increasing Need for Effective Anti-Piracy Security Solutions

Recent security campaigns conducted by Viaccess-Orca detected hundreds of thousands of illegitimate viewers of 30 sporting events in EMEA, highlighting the continuous challenges raised by piracy


PARIS –3 July 2013 – Viaccess-Orca, a global leader in the protection and enhancement of content services, will showcase its engagement and security solutions at the ANGA COM Exhibition & Congress from June 4-6 in Cologne, Germany.

Viaccess-Orca’s services are designed to offer effective responses to the growing threat of content services piracy by protecting content rights, assets and revenues, all while providing smooth content delivery and an engaging, interactive customer experience.

Piracy is a constant threat for content service providers. Viaccess-Orca recently demonstrated the extent of this threat and the need for solid anti-piracy solutions by running a set of dedicated security services for a major pay-TV operator during 30 major football games televised in EMEA. These services targeted subscription sharing in the form of card sharing over the internet and control word (CW) redistribution over satellites, techniques that allow illegal distributors to resell pirate set-top-boxes or subscriptions to television bouquets at a very low price.

Viaccess-Orca’s solutions detected and stopped sharing services reaching hundreds of thousands of illegitimate end users by tracking CW redistribution over satellites via dozens of pirate set-top boxes and detecting hundreds of IP addresses that were then filtered with the cooperation of impacted internet service providers.

“The digital television market has been growing steadily over the past two decades and the number of households with digital TV is expected to reach one billion within the next five years,” said David Leporini, Executive Vice President, Marketing, Products and Security, Viaccess-Orca. “Piracy is the number one competitor to content service providers delivering exclusive content to their customers and it jeopardizes the industry as a whole. With the advent of multi-network content delivery and multi-screen content consumption, content service providers need to embrace intelligent security solutions to sustain their investments in content. and build the right foundations to fully engaging experiences to their customers.”

To illustrate the risks and vulnerabilities for content owners and service providers in the today’s TV market landscape this exclusive Viacces-Orca infographic shows” The Dark Side of TV Everywhere Security”: http://blog.viaccess-orca.com/industry/the-dark-side-of-tv-everywhere-security-infographic/

For a detailed view of Viaccess-Orca’s anti-piracy solutions, please visit our website here to learn more about CW and P2P Tracker: click here .

About VO anti-piracy and engagement solutions demonstrated at ANGA and CommunicAsia,

As part of its ongoing mission to provide effective end-to-end security solutions to service providers, Viaccess-Orca will demo its security solutions at ANGA COM, level 10.2, booth H18 and at CommnicAsia, June 18-21, booth 1F2-14. Visitors to the stands at these events will be able to see: Embedded CAS, HbbTV and TV Everywhere.

Embedded CAS is a cost-effective platform that delivers a high standard of content protection. Its scale-up design can handle thousands to millions of subscribers, depending on needs, offering a variety of commercial business models, including subscription-based, pre-paid and pay-per-view. Advanced security features include content redistribution management, card-less agent management and extended set-top box security capabilities. The platform also empowers end-users by providing features such as personal-digital video recorder, preview per channel and parental control.

TV Everywhere allows content service providers in broadcast and IP markets to deploy a multi-screen TV service that is consistent, secured and personalized to a viewer’s preferences. It is accessible wherever viewers are and on any companion device, without compromising the security of premium content. The solution can help providers expand their offering, monetize multi-screen TV services, respond to market demands and enhance subscriber loyalty by personalizing a viewer’s TV experience

HbbTV solution is based on proven technologies and open standards to protect and deliver entertainment to multiple devices while ensuring full interoperability with third party value-added HbbTV services. This solution enables providers to explore new opportunities offered by the Internet to deliver additional content, leverage economic benefits of standards to reduce costs and protect set-top-box assets against malicious Internet threats.

In addition to Viaccess-Orca’s flagship security solutions, the company will also showcase it’s award-winning engagement solutions, DEEP and COMPASS at ANGA and CommunicAsia.

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About Viaccess-Orca:
Viaccess-Orca is a visionary partner for content service providers worldwide, thanks to its ability to shape the ultimate content experience wherever viewers are and on whatever device they choose to consume content. The media environment is moving fast, giving the content consumption market a number of continuous technological and business challenges. With integrated products and innovative, business savvy solutions, Viaccess-Orca helps content service providers gain a competitive edge in this market of unmanaged networks and IP-connected devices. Since the user experience (UX) is a critical success factor for operators today, Viaccess-Orca’s solutions focus on delivering engaging experiences on all platforms for a new entertainment world. The company assists service providers in creating long term loyalty on the customer journey to discover, choose and consume content in a secure manner. Viaccess-Orca is part of the Orange Group. For more information, visit www.viaccess-orca.com or follow us on Twitter @ViaccessOrca and Linkedin.

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