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Anti Piracy Protection

Content Security

The Challenge

As more people consume premium content on more devices in more places, the value of this content is growing and the cost of procuring rights continues to rise. Live sports, movies and popular series are commanding larger fees than ever before. In the UK, for example, rights to the Premiere League recently reached £1.5 billion ($ 2.4 billion). Content and service providers need to generate return on investment (ROI) in order to continue creating and providing quality programming – forcing subscription prices to increase. In addition, some content may be unavailable in specific areas due to blackout or rights issues. Rising prices and lack of availability are primary reasons for customers to turn to online pirate sites. These sites are a global problem and must be fought on a global basis.

Many Pay TV service providers have systems in place to prevent TV piracy. But they can’t prevent newer types of piracy like online sites and illegal redistribution. Thanks to greater availability of bandwidth and technology that enables retransmission, high quality content like sports can be viewed illegally, around the globe with little loss of quality. 

Pirates are becoming more sophisticated, selling illegal content through slick web sites with advanced programming guides, credit card payment and season tickets! Some of this content can be seen on TV and multiple screens using new multimedia dongles and OTT devices.

Many live events like sports or concerts events have extremely high value before and during the event itself. Once the event is over, they lose most of their value. 


Anti Piracy Protection

Viaccess-Orca offers a three-stage solution that helps detect, fight and legally stop pirates for content owners and service providers - Anti-Piracy.

Anti-Piracy solution was created especially to prevent the distribution of premium live content, focusing on live sports and offers customers a three-stage module service: 

  • Track: Global Marketing Intelligence and Monitoring
    In order to better understand the piracy problem facing a specific content owner or service provider, VO starts by monitoring where piracy occurs, the amount of piracy that is taking place and who is actually watching the illegal broadcasts.

  • Fight: Active Solutions to Combat Piracy
    Once customers understand the nature of their piracy problems, they can begin taking steps to prevent piracy from occurring. These include sending legal notices to pirates to cease and desist, and using technical methods to prevent pirates from rebroadcasting premium content. In order to be effective, these efforts should occur during a broadcast in real time.

  • Prove: Legal Support against Cyber-Piracy
    Anti-Piracy gathers legal evidence about the actual pirates and their activities. The VO team identifies who the pirates are and which organizations stand behind them. Then, together with local law enforcement or government agencies, we help try close pirate operations.


Anti-Piracy has already identified close to a hundred thousand premium pirated events and hundreds of pirate services. In order to help our customers overcome this problem, the Anti-Piracy service offers these features:

The “Track” module offers a unique portal that provides the following information online, in real time:

  • Global and personalized views of streams
  • Audiences for live streaming and P2P events
  • Single event audience information for major events
  • Worldwide/continental/national/regional map of P2P piracy

The “Fight” module uses advanced broadcast and broadband anti-piracy tools in order to:

  • Detect illegally streamed content using advanced web crawling and scraping
  • Send a cease and desist notice (also known as a DMCA notice) to pirate site owners
  • Follow up on each notice and provide real time reports to customers

The “Prove” module provides forensic evidence to help prove who the individuals and organizations are that stand behind pirate activities. We provide evidence against pirate services, platforms and CDNs that can be used in a legal battle. Viaccess-Orca is an active member in professional anti-piracy associations where we can make a difference and impact laws.


Content owners and service providers need to recover their investment in premium content. Thanks to Anti-Piracy solution they can better understand where piracy and rebroadcast occurs, and who is behind it; send official notices to stop this activity or use electronic methods to end rebroadcast; and gather legal proof to stop pirates. Ending the damage from organized sports piracy is possible, but you need VO’s Anti-Piracy solution on your side to make it happen.

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