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TV Everywhere White Labeled Apps

VO’s TV Everywhere Apps – The best user experience, anywhere, anytime.

Advancements in technology have changed the way we live and they are changing the way we watch TV. In our highly connected world, content is instantly available from a multitude of devices. In the past, television operators dictated what was available and when. Today, online user experience has led viewers to demand control over their TV experience and personalization. They see intuitive, individualized TV experiences.

Now more than ever, TV is about having choices and enjoying the freedom of anywhere, anytime, any content and on any device. Content service providers that choose to embrace the TV Everywhere challenge need to adopt end-to-end solutions to ensure smooth content delivery and protect content rights and deliver a superior customer experience.

With wide variety of devices operating in an over-the-top (OTT) environment, the end-client applications play a critical part of high-quality, consistent service delivery.

VO's TV Everywhere Apps offer:

  • The ultimate multi-screen TV experience
  • Personalized user experience
  • Secure delivery and viewing of premium content across multiple devices
  • Easy and continuous adaptation to the specific provider’s branding needs

VO’s TV Everywhere Apps are pre-integrated with TVaaS, forming part of the TVaaS solution; TV Everywhere apps require no up-front investment. TVaaS customers benefit from frequent version releases including all new features and capabilities.

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TV Everywhere Apps

With VO's TV Everywhere Apps, content service providers can take control into their own hands. The apps deliver a personalized user experience, while protecting premium content across multiple devices. As part of VO's TV Everywhere solution, the apps are the critical front-end for delivering the ultimate multi-screen TV experience.

The apps also leverage VO's content discovery and recommendations platform in order to deliver personalized relevant options, which increase engagement and generate incremental revenue. With a simple, easy navigation and effortless discovery of relevant, compelling content users enjoy a great customer experience.

As the number of video applications available on the market increases, providers need a way to differentiate their offering and re-enforce their brand. With VO's white-label TV Everywhere Apps, operators can promote their brand across multiple devices and create targeted services.

TV Everywhere Apps deliver a consistent user experience across multiple screens, including TVs, PCs, Tablets, and Smartphones. The apps are carefully adjusted to each type of device, in order to create an optimal experience.


  • Multi-screen support
    • Connected TV's
    • Smartphones
    • Tablets
    • Computers
    • Game consoles
  • Consistent multi-screen user experience
    • Seamless pause-resume functionality across multiple devices; users can start watching on one device and continue from another
    • Recordings can be initiated from any device
    • Settings, favorites, wish lists and user preferences maintained across all devices
  • Personalized experience for every user
    • Present personalized content recommendations
    • Allow users to create a personal profile with preferences
  • Enable social TV activity — users can recommend content to friends and buy presents
  • Advanced search and explore capabilities make it easy to find desirable content
    • SDK for user interface development


  • Deliver – create a compelling user experience with Pay TV applications designed for a multi-screen environment including iOS and Android based devices.
  • Protect – secure your premium content, which is delivered over unmanaged networks and streamed using a wide variety of devices.
  • Personalize – provide relevant recommendations based on individual usage profiles, market trends and promotions.
  • Engage – promote user interactions, social buzz and recommendation sharing to increase engagement and enhance loyalty.

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